9+1 exceptional sharks of the Red Sea

Over fifty percent of the Earth’s surface ar is spanned by water and also there is only one location that is not really paralleled by any kind of other, and that is the Red Sea, concealed between large land strips the scorching sand. That would imagine the a prolific and also vibrant maritime life thrives beneath the surface ar of the sea, deep in the water, in this realm of deserts.

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Eight countries share a border with the Red Sea (Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Sudan, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Djibouti). The Red Sea follow me to 1,900 km and its broad is 300 km at the widest point. The mean depth is around 50 m yet its deepest suggest lies at 3,039 m.

It is no surprising the tourists and divers, search to discover the deep blue, are drawn here favor magnet through the magical marine life that the sea harbours under its surface. Among the most sought-after experience divers crave is the possibility to satisfy up through sharks.

While much more than 400 shark species exist in the world, only a small fraction of them ever attack people, and also even in those cases, castle are mainly provoked or the animals feel threatened. The largest pet of the fish species, the whale shark, for example, is vegetarian, and also eats planktons and algae, and also is harmless to humans. Divers room able to freely swim approximately and among them.

Contrary to popular culture, sharks do not assault people, due to the fact that humans room not part of their herbal diet. Problems can start once they are being fed to tempt them close to divers. When feeding, the shark’s brain flips right into a various gear and it is all for grabs, human being or not. They end up being aggressive and only emphasis on the feeding. If divers occur to it is in in your vicinity throughout this time, over there is a good chance of getting bitten or also worse. Sharks can additionally become defensive and also go top top the assault if they feeling threatened, if they room being harassed, if they come to be confused, or if your young ones are threatened, simply to name a few instances. The moral of the story – respect the sharks’ habitat, you are the guest and as such, display respect and also humility.

And now presenting 9+1 sharks that space most frequently found in the Red Sea

1. Leopard shark

Despite that is name, the is a fairly calm predator. Its main food resource are octopus, crabs, shell fish, crustaceans, and also smaller fish. The does not strike people, if anything, prevents contact through humans because its fiercest hunters, beside from bigger shark species, space fishermen. The female has tendency to be an ext active, the masculine is much more reserved, and an ext skittish. That does not must swim constantly for survival, so it frequently rests in ~ the sea bottom. It grows to an average size of 1.2 – 1.5 m however it can likewise reach 2.1 m in part cases. The detailed motifs on its skin is quite various from the normal grey color of shark skin. If you want a chance encounter with them, they deserve to be discovered mostly in the North and also the Tiran regions in Egypt.


2. Whale shark

It is the world’s biggest fish specie. It deserve to reach up to 12 m in size on average, however much larger specimens room not unusual either. That can select from a vast array the foods but it is partial to plankton. It poses no risk to humans. One alarming reality is the the sizes of captured specimens have been diminish in current years, which suggests over-fishing and as a result, the specie has actually now been categorised together endangered. The mating and reproduction procedure of the whale shark is quite a mystery as females and males live in different communities. According to scientists, that is ovoviviparous and gives bear to live pups despite the young ones have rarely to be observed. It can be discovered by open-water reefs in plankton-rich waters.


3. Thresher shark

The thresher shark belongs come the team of large-bodied sharks, yet it is fairly timid in nature. The dimension of adult male and female sharks are pretty much the same. The average length of the adult male is around 2.6 – 3.3 m, while the adult female’s is approximately 2.7 – 3.6 m. The longest well-known specimen got to 3.95 m. The thresher shark’s distinct characteristic is the proportionately long tail fin which have the right to often flourish as long as the body of the shark itself. It is one ovoviviparous specie, providing birth come live pups. Intra-uterine cannibalism, or ovophagy, is also representative that this shark specie. The young fish hatch while still inside the mother and also start feeding ~ above the unfertilised eggs. This results in a tiny litter, usually only 2 – 4 pups that space well developed, getting to 0.9 – 1.4 m in length. That the reefs in the Egyptian Red Sea, it can be observed at the brothers Islands, specifically at tiny Brother.


4. Soft shark

The silky shark can be discovered in all tropical and warm-climate waters roughly the world. If you desire to accomplish up v them in the Red Sea, head under to Sudan, and to the southern an ar of the Red Sea. The is really inquisitive and it often approaches visitors. It grows in length to about 2.5 m yet it deserve to be as big as 3.5 m together well. The heaviest specimen every captured weighed 346 kg. It has actually a robust, long body which ends in a rounded nose. This shark obtained its name from the smooth and also silky structure of that skin. It prefers the open up waters and depths of as much as 500 m yet it deserve to swim together deep together 4,000 m. The life span of a soft shark is about 25 years.


5. Oceanic white-tip shark

It is a great friend of divers. That is not aggressive in ~ all and tends to strategy divers increase close. That prefers the open up waters and also can be seen at Elphinstone, Daedalus, the brother in Egypt, and also by the southern reefs in the Red Sea. The is about 1.5 m long, or even larger than 2 m, and also weighs close to 20 kg. The white-tip shark can be easily determined by the white-tipped ring fins.


6. Grey reef shark

Tropical waters are the usual residence for this shark but you may an extremely well run into it in the Red Sea as well, especially approximately Sanganeb and also Shaab Rumi in Sudan. That is habitat is close come the coral reefs, and this is where it hunts for its prey. It has tendency to live near the drop-offs that outer-edge reefs and prefers middle deep waters, usually in between 20 – 60 m, though they have actually been uncovered as deep together 1,000 m too. In the west it can be found between the Red Sea and also the Indian Ocean’s eastern African shores, and in the east all the means to Polynesia. It need to remain in constant motion. If it stop moving, the sinks and dies. As soon as taking a breather, castle float and relax in currents.


7. Scalloped hammerhead shark

This shark’s distinctive feature is the hammer-shaped head. The broad of the head, depending on the species, is about 20 – 30% of the animal’s whole length. The eye are placed at the much ends of the head, and administer a 360-degree vision and also excellent depth perception. A transparent membrane or eyelid protects the eyes during hunting and also feeding. It normally cruises in deeper waters and also in large schools, regularly counting approximately 100 individuals. Its key food offers are smaller sharks (even tiny hammerheads in ~ times), manta rays, bony fish, and cephalopods. Females give birth to live young ones, and fertilisation happens internally. There are usually 15 – 30 pups in one litter, and also the little scalloped hammerhead sharks can be as lengthy as 43 – 55 cm.


8. Tiger shark

The tiger shark grows to a size of about 3 – 6 m yet can it is in as huge as 9 m. That weighs around 1 tonne. That is a solitary and also nomadic animal, spending many of that is life roaming from place to place. That is fairly inquisitive and as such, the likes come “taste” everything, similar to the good white. Its massive built and the distinct patterns on its skin do it straightforward to identify. That is taken into consideration to it is in the 2nd most dangerous pet to humans after the an excellent white. In Egypt, it can be discovered cruising near Safaga and Elphinstone.


9. White-tip reef shark

It is just one of the most often sighted sharks by divers. Girlfriend can satisfy up with them pretty lot at any coral reef. It rests in the caves and larger crevices close to the reefs throughout the day, frequently in groups. The comes the end of hiding throughout the night to go on a hunt for reef fish, octopus, crayfish, and also crabs hiding among the corals. The white-tip reef shark frequently hunts in huge groups. It sniffs out its prey, approaches it, and also if necessary, breaks away the corals to acquire to it. It obtained its surname from the white clues on the edges of its fins.


+1. Guitarfish

The guitarfish, or shark ray, is a peculiar creature, a mix between a shark and a manta ray. The average size the this cartilaginous fish is 1.5 – 1.8 m. The largest specimen every recorded was 3 m long and weighed 135 kg. It has a wide, level head and a rounded snout. Two sharp dorsal fins climb out that its body, while the pectoral fins are big and wide. That is habitat is near the coral reefs that tropical waters, in depths of 3 – 90 m. The is greatly a bottom dweller, like sandy and muddy bottoms, and its diet usually is composed of crabs and shell fish. ~ above the north routes of our tourism in Egypt girlfriend will discover it top top the sandy sea bottom.


And finally, right here are 10 usual misconceptions about sharks (source: Wikipedia)

“All sharks are dangerous.” that the 370 well-known shark species, about 80% is physically i can not qualify of harming humans, or rarely ever meets them. The whale shark, biggest in size, farming to a length of 15 m, because that example, feeds largely on planktons, and is totally harmless come humans.

“Sharks room voracious eaters, they have to constantly feed.” as all animals, sharks must likewise eat periodically, together their metabolism dictates. People are not their main resource of food. They feed on various other fish, shell fish, and fatty animals like seals.

“Most shark strikes are fatal.” In reality, about 85% that people attacked by sharks, actually survive the attack. Many large-bodied sharks originally only bite their prey to prevent it from moving and also will shot to in reality eat it later on. This way that most potential victim do have actually a possibility to acquire away and also to make it through the attack. The teams who room most frequently targeted through sharks room surfers (49%), swimmers, bathers (29%), scuba divers (15%), and paddlers (6%). These encounters are an ext out that curiosity than for feeding purposes.

“Lots of human being are eliminated by sharks.” The opportunity of being attacked by sharks is an extremely minute compared to other rare means of being eliminated like by lightening or native dog bites. On average, 5 – 15 people die an international as a an outcome of shark attacks. And also at the very same time, human beings kill close come 100 million sharks every year, in huge due come commercial fishing that sharks often autumn victim to. Compared to various other fish species, the reproduction speed and the growth of sharks is rather slow, and as a result, numerous shark species are already among the endangered species or are very much top top their method to sign up with this un-coveted list.

“Great white sharks can frequently be uncovered near beaches.” an excellent whites are a reasonably rare sight as they choose deeper and also colder waters. That is inexplicable to spot lock by the beaches. This myth deserve to be attributed come Hollywood and also the false explicate of these pets (i.e. From the movie Jaws) because of their frightening look.

“There space no sharks is fresh waters.” A one-of-a-kind osmotic system makes it possible for some types like bull sharks, for example, to tolerate a wide selection of salinity. These types are able to swim increase rivers and also into lakes.

“Sharks should continuously swim.” Actually, there room several species of sharks that are able to avoid moving and rest top top the sea bottom. Opening and closing their mouth permits them to take on enough amount the oxygen. Sharks are reasonably slow swimmers in general, reaching cruising speed of about 9 km/h but they can rev it increase to around 37 km/h as well.

“Sharks have negative eye sight.” The underwater vision of sharks is around 10 times far better than of humans. Sharks can additionally see colours.

“Eating shark meat provides you more aggressive.” over there is no scientific proof to confirm this. Regrettably to many, shark meat is very appetising because of its mild taste, low fat content, and also white and firm flesh.

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“Nobody wants to it is in in waters complete of sharks.” Suspicion and fear is frequently replaced by curiosity in civilization towards an progressed predator that has actually existed for countless years and also whose duty in maintaining the balance in the oceans’ ecosystem is vital. Over there are numerous places around the human being that sell a glimpse into the lives of these impressive creatures increase close, in ~ a safe and also protected environment (i.e. Cage diving).