Though Meghan, Duchess that Sussex, and husband Prince Harry have actually bid adieu to life as an elderly members that the royal family, the duchess revealed that Queen Elizabeth II has constantly been an especially kind to her during the Sussexes" tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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On the difference in between "family" and also "business," Meghan said, "It"s hard for world to identify the two due to the fact that it"s a family members business, right? therefore there"s the family. And also then there"s the human being that space running the institution. Those room two separate things."

The duchess emphasized the difference between those two concepts. "It"s necessary to be able to compartmentalize that due to the fact that the queen, for example, has constantly been exorbitant to me," she said. "We had actually one that our an initial joint engagement together. She asked me to join her and also I to be on the train ... And also we had actually breakfast together that morning."

Meghan revealed that, throughout that engagement, the monarch had actually gifted she a collection of pearl earrings and a necklace. "I just really loved being in her company," claimed Meghan, including a sweet anecdote from their time together. "We were in the automobile going in between engagements. And also she has actually a blanket the sits across her knees for warmth, and also it was chilly. And she was like, "Meghan, come on," and also put it over my knees as well. ... And it made me think of my grandmother, wherein she"s constantly been warm and also inviting and also and really welcoming."


Queen Elizabeth II sits and also laughs with Meghan, Duchess that Sussex, during a ceremony to open up the brand-new Mersey Gateway bridge on June 14, 2018.
Below, read on for the basics of the queen’s relationship with Meghan Markle.

They met before Meghan and also Harry got engaged.

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Us Weekly reported that Meghan an initial met the queen in September 2017 at Balmoral Castle, and also things supposedly “went well," leaving bother pleased about how his girlfriend got along with his loved ones. And it transforms out the was the very first of several meetings.

In the couple’s large post-engagement interview, Meghan stated she had actually met the queen “a couple of times” and Harry had prepared her for what the meeting would be like. “It’s incredible. I think to have the ability to meet her v his lens, not just with his honor and respect for her together the monarch however the love that he has actually for her as his grandmother, every one of those layers have been so essential for me." She added, "When ns met her I had actually such a deep expertise and, the course, significant respect because that being may be to have that time v her, and also she’s an significant woman.”

The queen’s corgis love her.


Also in the post-engagement interview, Prince Harry noted that the Queen’s beloved corgis have never liked him—but castle love his fiancée. “The corgis required to you right away. For the critical 33 years, I’ve been barked at, and this one go in, for sure nothing, simply wagging tails,” harry joked. “Just laying on my feet during tea, it was really sweet,” Meghan said. And also it renders sense, since Meghan is an animal lover, who had two rescue dog of her own at one point. (She reportedly had to leaving one behind once she relocated to London to live with Harry.)

Their very first appearance together was at vital event.


On in march 12, the two made their very first appearance together—along with other an elderly members that the imperial family—at a organization at Westminster Abbey celebrating republic Day. Harry and Meghan to be seated straight behind the Queen and also Prince Charles for the ceremony, i m sorry featured a power by Liam Payne and celebrated the Commonwealth, which makes up 53 countries about the world and also is headed by the Queen.

She offered Meghan the ultimate blessing, and also no, there was no shade.

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The Queen offers formal consent come the marital relationship of Prince Harry and also Meghan Markle.

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In March, the queen offered her official approval for Meghan and also Harry to acquire married: "My Lords, i declare my Consent come a Contract that Matrimony in between My many Dearly Beloved nephew Prince Henry Charles Albert David that Wales and also Rachel Meghan Markle, i m sorry Consent i am leading to to it is in signified under the great Seal and also to be entered in the publications of the Privy Council."

Some people suggested that this was much less enthusiastic 보다 the queen"s announcement about Kate Middleton, in which she referred to as her “trusty and also well-beloved.” yet that remained in a separate document, and the announcements because that both princes to be actually exceptionally similar.

They reportedly questioned flower arrangements.

Vanity Fair reported the Meghan met v the monarch to talk around the particulars of planning a imperial wedding, including flower arrangements. “She is really hands-on through everything,” a resource told the newspaper of Markle. “She met v the queen who wanted come talk v some ideas for flowers and also introduced her to few of her occasions staff. Meghan is taking every little thing on board, yet she has actually her own principles when it concerns flowers.”

Phillippa Craddock served as the official florist for the imperial wedding. It looks favor Markle and also the Queen have great taste.

Meghan"s dog obtained to drive in a car with the queen.


You understand your future grandmother-in-law likes you when your dog it s okay the finest seat in the house. Markle"s beagle, Guy, was seen riding in a car with the Queen together the 2 made their way to Windsor days ahead of the royal wedding. Markle hasn"t also been seen spending time one-on-one through the monarch, yet Guy, a rescue pup indigenous the united States, has received that honor.

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A girlfriend kindly alerted me come a really sweet minute we missed yesterday - the Queen travelling through Meghan"s beagle man spotted by the talented Lainey Gossip https://madaboutmeghan.blogspot.con/2018/05/live-blog-day-before-wedding.html

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The duchess trained with the queen"s personal assistant.

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As a part of her "duchess training," Markle was reportedly guided by the Queen"s assistant and private secretary, Samantha Cohen, as she proceeds to transition into imperial life. "It will be six months that listening, a resource told The Times. "She is seeking out advice top top a selection of people. She is walking to proceed with humility. That is no going to it is in quiet, though. It"s walk to it is in a very busy office."

Royal biographer Ingrid Seward adds that Her Majesty is aware of the "potential pitfalls" of no giving new royals any guidance. “It’s all about the monarchy. She can’t expect Meghan to know everything without being shown," she called People. “She doesn’t desire 70 year of hard work come be for nothing. I’m certain she feeling Meghan demands a steadying hand in these beforehand days.”

Their first joint engagement together was a success—and it had a sleepover.

Markle took on her first solo trip with the queen, without Prince Harry, to open the Mersey Gateway leg in Cheshire, celebrate the beginning of the Storyhouse theater in Chester, and attend a lunch at the Chester city Hall, according to the royal family members website.

The pilgrimage there contained an overnight ride on the imperial train, which way the duo will be having actually a royal sleepover. The pair common a number of sweet moment together, indigenous watching children"s performances come wishing a young well-wisher happy birthday.


They reportedly bonded end their feeling of humor.

A resource tells Us Weekly that the in-laws have met private and publicly on many occasions, allowing them come bond much more closely. Markle do a great impression on her grandmother-in-law after ~ she "quickly demonstrated the she is intelligent, polite and also keen come learn," an insider called the site.

Apparently, her "enthusiasm towards living a life of service and also humanitarianism excites the queen and it’s just the form of vim and vigor she likes to view in someone."

The Queen additionally "has a brilliant feeling of humor," the insider added. "That’s among the very first things that brought her and Meghan closer. It’s that warmth side of her that has made Meghan feel so at ease."

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