As Diana awkwardly renders her means around the room, curtsying come the Queen and dizzyingly trying come greet anyone (to small success) in the 4th season that The Crown, one thing is clear: she is an outsider. When teenage Diana was introduced to the royal family, she was intended to follow your etiquette perfectly, which was no tiny feat.

The curtsying example, however, is most likely a Hollywood flourish to highlight the princess-to-be’s discovering curve. “It speaks more to nerves 보다 anything else,” says royal commentator and expert Victoria Arbiter. “Diana grew up in royal circles and also her household home to be on the Sandringham estate; her grandmother to be a lady-in-waiting come the Queen Mother. She was familiar with imperial protocol—better ready than Kate or Meghan—but she was so young come be simply thrust right into it.”

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The 1980s to be ruled by a various style of royals than we watch today. “The Queen mommy was an pure stickler for rules since she thrived up in an era the deference and also she wanted civilization to present her daughter the exact same respect they confirmed her,” Arbiter says. “Once she passed away in 2002, Queen Elizabeth started doing things her own means and the family started to reflect a much more casual society.”

According come Arbiter, in 2020 the only human members the the royal family members would commonly curtsy or bow to is Queen Elizabeth, and even then, only the an initial time they view her that day and upon leaving. However, Diana would have actually experienced a household with a more extreme deference to the rules, and also that would have been intimidating for anyone.


The formal rules for curtsying have the right to be confusing. If Kate would only be supposed to curtsy come the queen, here is a graph to highlight a couple of of the imperial rules.
Although it might be in a rule book that Meghan must curtsy to Eugenie (according to reports, blood princesses outrank those who marry in, once they aren"t with their spouses), that isn’t have to a reality. And, despite objections when president Trump and very first Lady Melania didn’t bow and also curtsy to the queen, foreign dignitaries and ordinary brothers citizens room not compelled to, for this reason they were not breaking any rules.

So if girlfriend panic like Diana, climate just shot to curtsy to the Queen (a fast bob, no need to be elaborate) and also you"ll obtain a imperial welcome.

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