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In an obvious effort to boost television ratings, Donald trump Jr. Has actually said that his father, previous President Donald Trump, could reveal intelligence around aliens and also Area 51 during the Holyfield vs. Belfort boxing hit in Florida on Saturday night.

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The former president and his eldest child are reserved to provide commentary native ringside because that the boxing match between former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, 58, and also former UFC champion Vitor Belfort, 44, ~ above the night the the 20th anniversary that the September 11 terrorist attacks.

And now, trump card Jr. Has vowed that he"ll press his dad to disclose information around aliens and also Area 51 throughout the match.

"We"re gonna questioning a most awesome questions, I"m definitely asking about aliens due to the fact that I think now, possibly we gain a hard answer on what precisely is walking on in Area 51 and everywhere else, you"re gonna desire to listen, you"re gonna want to tune in," trumped Jr. Stated in a promotional video shared to Twitter.


Donald trump card Jr. Has said the his father, previous President Donald Trump, can reveal intelligence about aliens and also Area 51 throughout the Holyfield vs. Belfort boxing hit in Florida on Saturday night. Above, trump card Jr. Speaks during the Conservative Political activity Conference CPAC hosted at the Hilton Anatole ~ above July 09, 2021 in Dallas, Texas. Brandon Bell/Getty ImagesThe complement was originally supposed to take location in Los Angeles and also feature Oscar de la Hoya, however it was relocated to Hollywood, Florida, after ~ de la Hoya to be hospitalized through COVID-19 and had to pull out. Holyfield was then announced as de la Hoya"s replacement.

"I love an excellent fighters and good fights. I look forward to see both this Saturday night and sharing my think ringside. Girlfriend won"t want to miss this distinct event," Trump stated in a press release announcing his participation in the match.

Earlier ~ above Saturday, Trump did not join other previous presidents, including Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, in attending the September 11 memorial event in brand-new York City, i m sorry featured a power by Bruce Springsteen. But he did stop in to greet police and firefighters in Manhattan.

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Trump commemorated the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks and praised the an initial responders in a video clip released Saturday morning—before easily pivoting to attack President Joe Biden"s handling of the U.S. Troop tap the money from Afghanistan.

"The leader the our country was made to look like a fool, and that deserve to never be allowed to happen," Trump stated of the exit he assisted to negotiate, blaming "bad planning, incredible weakness, and also leaders that truly don"t know what was happening."

"This is the 20th year the this war and should have actually been a year the victory and honor and strength," that added. "Instead, Joe Biden and also his inept management surrendered in defeat."