If you’re an Instagram fiend or a Starbucks regular, you’ve probably heard of and seen the beverage referred to as “The Pink Drink.”

The brightly-colored drink mirrors up across social media platforms, and it’s definitely a Starbucks favorite. But there is one concern that doesn’t have actually an noticeable answer: walk the pink drink have actually caffeine? and how much caffeine, if so?

While the Pink Drink may look favor something out of Willy Wonka’s factory, the ingredient in it can surprise you.

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Read top top to uncover out about the caffeine content in this famous Starbucks success.


What Is The Pink Drink at Starbucks?

If girlfriend ask because that “The Pink Drink,” in ~ Starbucks, you’ll be ordering among the coffee company’s most successful beverages native the Refreshers heat of drinks.

These all boast exotic fruity flavors mixed with fruit pieces and other ingredients and served over ice.

Yup. This doesn’t contain tool roast brewed coffee or espresso together its base and also nor does it form part that the Starbucks Iced coffee menu

The Pink Drink is just one of a few variations on the same basic recipe: the Strawberry-Acai Refresher base.

The creamy, neon pink coloring of the drink comes from the interplay that the base through a mild sheep of coconut milk for richness and another class of flavor. 

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Does The Pink Drink have actually Caffeine?

The Starbucks Pink Drink, like all of the Refreshers line, does have caffeine, yet it’s no a coffee-based drink in terms of flavor.

This is due to the fact that the Refreshers all have actually one ingredient in usual that lends a map amount the caffeine come them: eco-friendly coffee extract.

But the Pink Drink is no necessarily a replacement for her usual cup the coffee. So how much caffeine go the pink drink have?

The caffeine content in the Refreshers drinks is consistent, and also it’s on the short side: every grande pink drink contains 45 mg the caffeine.

For reference, that is only around ⅓ that the amount of caffeine that you would find in a Starbucks espresso shot. As another allude of comparison, the Starbucks typical hot chocolate contains around 25 mg of caffeine for a grande.

So as you deserve to see, the pink drink contains much more caffeine than the non-coffee drinks on the menu, but less caffeine than the standard coffee drinks, and also much less caffeine 보다 a Starbucks espresso shot.

The factor comes under to the ingredients that comprise the Starbucks Refreshers line in general, including the pink drink itself.

What Is In The Pink Drink?

So what is the Starbucks pink drink made of?

The ingredients are actually reasonably wholesome, and it would be possible to recreate the drink at home if friend really wanted to–it would simply take a tiny bit that experimentation and also trial and error.

The most crucial component that the Starbucks pink drink is the strawberry acai base, i m sorry is made up of water, sugar, white grape juice concentrate, citric acid, “natural flavors,” natural green coffee flavor, fruit and vegetable juice, and also Rebaudioside A.

Some that those item are more unusual 보다 others, and also one or two of them might not be recognizable at all, therefore let’s break it under a little further.

Rebaudioside A is the commercial surname for a derivative that Stevia, a no-calorie sweetener. According to the Encyclopedia that Food and also Health, it’s really popular in food and drinks due to the fact that it has the finest taste of all of the Stevia products.

Natural flavors space a tiny harder to dig into because the ingredients list doesn’t specify, yet the compound everyone can agree on for the Starbucks pink drink encompass flavors of passion fruit, strawberry, and also acai.

The white grape juice concentrate definitely adds to few of the fruity flavor and also sweetness, and the freeze-dried strawberries in the mix also add to the flavor.

That brings united state to another crucial component in the base: natural eco-friendly coffee flavor, which is a eco-friendly coffee extract.

Green coffee is just coffee beans that have been picked and dried and which have had actually the pulp removed–without being roasted.

The extract from environment-friendly coffee beans has a smaller amount of caffeine because of the way they’re processed, and also it has actually a lighter flavor.

Finally, the Starbucks pink drink gets its creaminess indigenous sweetened coconut milk, which also helps to lighten the color.

What Is The Pink Drink actually Called?

The Starbucks pink drink yes, really is referred to as “the pink drink,” officially on the Starbucks menu.

But the is really simply a Strawberry Acai Refresher through coconut milk. The drink may have started as a “secret menu” item, among the plenty of variations that a client or a barista come up through that stuck and also became successful over time.

The easy caffeinated Starbucks pink drink takes its name from that appearance: it’s certainly the pinkest items on the menu and the pinkest that the Refreshers.

Other drink in the line encompass the Dragon Drink, very Berry Hibiscus Refresher, and the Star Drink. The various beverages through “drink” in the title all usage the different Refresher bases combined with coconut milk.

The unforeseen ingredient, eco-friendly coffee, absolutely sets the totality line apart and represents a different method of enjoy it coffee which isn’t yes, really coffee.

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If you desire a little caffeine without the complete buzz, it’s worth trying the end the pink drink.