Why is “Eurovision song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” rated PG-13? The MPAA rating has been assigned because that “crude sexual product including complete nude sculptures, some comic violent images, and language.” The gendergeek.org evaluation contains nude male statues with extended penises, a few kissing scenes, a pair of possible sex scenes v none occurring, number of sexually suggestive run numbers and song lyrics, and also cleavage revealing outfits, a boat explosion killing plenty of onboard and throwing debris and body parts, a near strangling, a stabbing death, a couple of stage mishaps leaving part bruises, an encounter v a ghost, numerous arguments, and also at least 1 F-word and also other strong language. Read our parents’ guide listed below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.A to sing duo (Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams) ultimately gets its possibility to represent the underdog Iceland in the notoriously well-known Eurovision song Contest, however the endure is not what lock expected. Also with Dan Stevens, Pierce Brosnan and Demi Lovato. Directed by David Dobkin. Numerous lines of dialogue are talked in icelandic with and also without English subtitles, and a few lines room sung in French without translation.

Eurovision song Contest: The Story that Fire Saga SEX/NUDITY 5

– two oversized male statues are nude and also their non-erect penises are extended straight out.

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►A man and also a woman practically kiss in two scenes, yet do not do so: In the very first scene, an explode interrupts them (please watch the Violence/Gore classification for more details), and in the 2nd scene, the man changes his mind and pushes her challenge away. A man and a woman stand on a power stage and kiss for number of seconds. A man and also woman kiss briefly on the lips. A man kisses one more man ~ above the cheek and also they both giggle. A male kisses a mrs on the cheek. A woman kisses a man briefly at a tavern table.►A man answers his hotel door and a mrs at the door bring away his groin below the frame and also he gasps; the following morning, an additional woman enters to discover the an initial woman and also man in bed (their ceiling shoulders and also arms are visible), she gasps and runs out (we learn later that no sex occurred). A woman is displayed clothed and under covers together a guy wearing a robe and pants sits on a bed one morning and also he tells her that she just slept and no sex occurred. A man and also woman have actually a hotel room v twin beds, however we never see the man and the woman in the bed at the exact same time.►Two prolonged stage numbers encompass sexual innuendo: four shirtless males wearing sparkly tights dance, writhing and hip thrusting approximately a male singer together he pretends to usage a whip on castle (as the “lion of love”; we see this number twice). A woman’s number reflects her attract a tight sparkly cat suit after she rips turn off a spacesuit, and she lies between the legs of an additional woman put on a sparkly cat suit and also lying on her back, and also the singer thrusts a couple of times, together she looks come the audience. 2 performances of a song referred to as “Ja ja Ding Dong” are suggestive that sex, with lyrics around love expanding large and lengthy to burst across the Milky Way.►A male on a stage becomes angry and also shouts for several secs that that will have actually sex through every man and also woman ~ above a phase crew; a woman on the stage rips the skirt turn off her dress to leaving a miniskirt finishing at the upper thigh and also stomps far angrily, shouting, “Go ahead and sleep v everyone!”►A male wearing a bodysuit has actually the ago zipper under to his lower ago and he traction the upper part of the suit off to disclose his ceiling chest and also arms together he stuffs fabric into the groin come “make it look bigger”; the climbs with an audience later and his stuffed crotch touches panting men and women in the face as he says, “Yes, it’s real.” A mrs in a dressing room bunches up her long dark skirt together she says she will certainly make a “camel toe” in she groin because that an audience come look at, yet the an outcome is not clearly visible. 2 dancers wear tight chop tops and tight biker shorts. Two male and also two mrs dancers wear tight multi-color cat suits and also writhe on the stage.►A guy says the he cannot admit to being gay since his mom Russia is against it. A woman states it would certainly be cool if she had actually a baby and in a later on scene, a man and also the woman was standing on a stage and also the male carries a small baby in a chest sling, arguing he and the woman married and also had the child. Many civilization ask a man and also a mrs if they are siblings; the man answers each time, “Probably not.” A man defines a television present by law a pelvic thrust; one more man speak him to go away. A man says that a young boy just gained armpit hair.►A guy wears a jacket through the zipper open up to reveal his partial bare chest and chest hair; later, ~ above a stage, two dancers pull turn off the hair (it’s fake). A mrs wears a dress that is a one-piece swimsuit through a quick flouncy skirt and also cutouts throughout the shoulders and also waist, also exposing cleavage together she dances and twists she hips. A couple of women undertake strapless floor-length gowns that expose bare shoulders and also cleavage. Two women wear mini-dresses the bare the shoulders and also legs approximately the top thighs (no cleavage is seen). One mrs wears a long-sleeved floor size gown that is cut from the neck to listed below the waist and shows cleavage. A bearded man with really long hair attract a round gown the reveals his ceiling abdomen and also extends come the floor.

Eurovision tune Contest: The Story the Fire Saga VIOLENCE/GORE 5

– A man and also woman sit top top a bench come look at a lighted party boat on a lake and also the watercraft explodes throwing debris in the air and also some access time the area roughly them; we see a severed eight that is burn at the wrist and also shoulder and also they gasp and also we hear the many civilization on the watercraft died. A guy uses a cable to strangle an additional man however falls top top his challenge as the camera pans down to show a knife in the strangler’s back (no blood is shown) if the other man coughs and also recovers; the victim many thanks invisible Elves for conserving him. A guy tackles another man and slaps that in the chest number of times, however the victim just lies on the floor and also laughs.►A male on a phase is lifted in a harness and a shoulder strap breaks leading to him to fall somewhat and also then drops all the way to the floor (he is unharmed). A woman’s long scarf gets recorded in a large hamster wheel in i beg your pardon a male is to run on stage and they both autumn to the floor in prior of an audience, uninjured, and also they gain up and sing while the audience is silent except for one guy who is laughing; the man and the woman leave the stage and also the mrs returns come sit with various other performers (we view her face dirty and her dress sleeves torn) and the guy sits on phase in the dark later, crying.►A man sees the ghost that a woman absent her best arm and also there is a tiny fire burn on her cheek, hairline, shoulders and also bodice; the ghost speak the guy his life is in hazard until the guy tells her that the man who desires to kill him is currently dead and the ghost disappears. A flashback mirrors men and also women laughing at a young young singing and also he yells in ~ them for numerous seconds. A man argues loudly through his father numerous times, together his dad derides him and also calls the an embarrassment. A few townspeople speak to a man stupid due to the fact that he still likes come sing.►A guy sits in a chair through his hand cuffed behind his earlier as he argues with a police officer who finally releases him. A woman suggests with a male loudly number of times. A guy shouts at a small group of civilization several times, saying he no them. 2 men and two females pick up a hitchhiker, screech your tires, and swerve on several roads at high speed and also several of them scream several times.►The members the a tape dress in black color masks and also black garments with lengthy horns on your heads, shoulders, and edges of their lengthy coats and with a red pentagram top top a screen behind them.►A man in a washroom holds ago the lengthy hair the a woman bending into a toilet as we hear her retching and vomiting (we watch no vomit). An angry guy chews up a parking ticket and spits that out, yelling. A man blows a raspberry at another man. An angry guy walks exterior a theater, smashes trash bins, and also overturns porta-lets as an additional man inside one of them shouts and curses. A guy says the the countless fish we see dumped ~ above a table ~ above a fishing watercraft smell bad.

Eurovision tune Contest: The Story of Fire Saga LANGUAGE 5

– At the very least 1 F-word (and one implied), 1 venomous hand gesture, 9 sex-related references, 15 scatological terms, 9 anatomical terms, 3 soft obscenities, name-calling (stupid, crazy, sex-nuts, nuts, weird, idiot, fool, ridiculous, freaks, sex player, slick customer, small, ugly loser, selfish, dump, grump, joke), exclamations (shut-up, shut her mouth, eff-off, five my goodness, wow, whoa, whoo-hooo, whooo, ergh, ugh), 3 religious profanities (GD), 18 spiritual exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, oh God, divine

Eurovision song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga problem USE

– A male on a stage calls out to four civilization in one audience that he has actually some opiates he can give them and also they laugh as they hold beer bottles however do no drink from them. A male passes approximately a situation of beer bottles and also men and also women each take one (no one is watched drinking), two tavern scenes incorporate glasses the beer on tables (no one drinks), a tavern scene shows a man sipping a glass that wine and another male takes one sip indigenous a glass that beer, a tiny hotel refrigerator contain many tiny bottles the liquor along with cans and bottles the beer and a man and a woman remove them all and also hide them under a bed, men and women sit in a little theater holding yet not drink glasses of champagne, a man and a mrs take a sip native glasses the champagne, a guy in a tavern drink a little glass that whiskey and a woman at home chugs 2 rocks glasses that whiskey, a woman drinks 2 Tequila shots in a club, a male on a fishing boat says that is going to walk drink himself to death, a mrs puts a tiny bottle of whiskey in prior of an elf’s little house and also asks because that help, and a man areas a large bottle that whiskey in ~ the exact same house.

Eurovision tune Contest: The Story that Fire Saga conversation TOPICS

– european cultures, beliefs, an international dislike the Americans, singing contests, rivalries, money and also power, winning and also losing, determination, respect, acceptance, families, fathers and also sons, love, relationships, pansexualism.

Eurovision track Contest: The Story of Fire Saga MESSAGE

– dreams can come true if one is patient and also steadfast.

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