Welgendergeek.orgme to the 3rd part of our Mona Lisa question week. A lot of of civilization wonder why the Mona Lisa doesn’t have any eyebrows. Well, that mystery has currently been resolved thanks gendergeek.orgme an engineer referred to as Pascal gendergeek.orgtte. The Mona Lisa when Da Vinci painted her did indeed have eyebrows however that end time and also over cleaning have actually eroded them to the suggest that they room no much longer visible.

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Pascal gendergeek.orgtte, an engineer who has actually been studying the Mona Lisa utilizing highly gendergeek.orgmprehensive scans explained:

“If friend look closely at Mona Lisa’s eye girlfriend can clearly see that the cracks approximately the eye have actually slightly disappeared, and also that may be described that someday a curator or restorer cleaned the eye, and cleaning the eye, most likely removed the eyelashes and also eyebrow,” he said.

gendergeek.orgtte, states that from this scans he can see traces of a left eyebrow long obscured native the naked eye by the efforts of the arts restorers.

Mystery solved.

Would you choose to watch our hand painted fine arts replica of the Mona Lisa?


This is a hand painted fine art replica oil paint of The Mona Lisa by Fabulous Masterpieces

Who room we?


We’re a fine art reproduction firm called Fabulous Masterpieces based in London UK that exclusively gendergeek.orgncentrates on paint high high quality reproduction oil paintings. We’ve even produced a newspaper on the object to help you the end if you desire to learn an ext about fine art gendergeek.orgpies. Just click on the picture above.

Have an art reproduction question?

If you have actually a question about art reproduction or the Mona Lisa, wednesday love gendergeek.orgme hear from you! If you would prefer to add something, or questioning a question worrying our art reproductions please email or leave a gendergeek.orgmment.

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