I obtained my final round of males B and my very first HPV vaccine yesterday. The arm with the HPV shooting is fine and barely hurts yet the males B arm damages A LOT. Usually I would simply not worry about it and let the pain walk away ~ above its own however I have actually work today and Im often lifting things, piercing people, and also ringing customers. I referred to as off work yesterday since of pain and fatigue and I don’t want to have to call off again today.

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Can i take noþeles or will regular painkillers no help? Google yes, really didn’t answer mine questions.

also I got the guys B in my dominant arm.


Yeah it eliminated my arm to for a couple of days once I acquired mine.

Ibuprofen. 600mg every 6 hours would aid somewhat with the swelling and pain simultaneously. (Assuming her kidneys space all normal and fine)

Or use naproxen.

thank you! I discovered a party of 500mg so i simply took that.

weirdly sufficient i no have any kind of swelling, the poke mark isn’t also visible, once i replaced my bandaid with a waterproof one i had to guess whereby it was.

Yea must resolve in a couple of days. It's absolutely a an ext painful shot...but ns suppose much less painful than meningococcal disease. Ice cream helps

This is no formal medical advice, yet for an otherwise healthy and balanced person or someone with only minor concerns (Seasonal allergies, etc.) they can take ibuprofen at OTC sheep (400mg every 6 hours, preferably through food) together needed. There is no good evidence the ibuprofen to reduce the efficacy the the MenB vaccine. If you have underlying kidney disease, asthma, love disease, coagulation disorders, or allergy to motrin or naproxen, examine with your doctor.

Yeah i lost sleep since i couldn’t find a comfortable position to location my eight without that hurting.

I worked at a medical professionals office together a medical assistant and also gave vaccines(going back to school currently for nursing). Sadly, through this one, it has those side effects. Normally, addressed within 72 hours but I agree v taking ibufrofen to assist with the pain. You are able to take up to 800 mg three times everyday WITH food—this much can be difficult on an north stomach. Push many fluids, particularly water. Girlfriend may alternate this through Tylenol 1-2 tabs (every 4-6 hrs as necessary when alternative with ibuprofen dosing). Because that the last vaccine dose in 6 months, arrangement it approximately a time as soon as you don’t need to work the following day. You might not get any type of of this side results the next time roughly but I constantly told patients it was better to be safe and also plan ahead.

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