In October 2005, the Secretary the Defense directed the formation of a marine component the U.S. One-of-a-kind Operations Command. That was figured out the maritime Corps would initially kind a unit of around 2,500 to serve v USSOCOM.

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On Feb. 24, 2006 activated at Camp Lejeune, N.C. initially included a small staff and the international Military training Unit, which had been formed to conduct foreign internal defense. FMTU to be then designated together the marine Special Operations torture Group.

In the month after the activation the, the structure and personnel of both first and 2d force Reconnaissance agency transferred to come form 1st and 2d maritime Special work Battalions.

In April of 2009, MSOAG was re-designated as the maritime Special work Regiment with the 1st, 2d, and also 3d MSOBs together subordinate units. The newly designated 3d MSOB integrated the structure and also personnel from MSOAG's former companies. also formed the naval Special Operations support Group and also the marine Special to work School.

In June the 2015 devices were re-designated as naval Raiders, also adopting the Operator insignia in respectable of 2016. The former MSOS was renamed marine Raider Training facility in June of 2017. MRTC screens, assesses, selects and also trains naval Special to work Forces and also is responsible for emerging doctrine.

The MSOSG, now maritime Raider support Group, offers combat support and also combat organization support to units, to include: logistics, communication and also intelligence.

As a service component the USSOCOM, is tasked by the command of USSOCOM to recruit, organize, train, equip, and deploy task-oriented, scalable, expeditionary marine Corps one-of-a-kind Operations Forces an international to attain special operations goals assigned by the USSOCOM and/or geographic Combatant leaders (GCCs) via the Theater distinct Operations Commands. deployed its very first units in august 2006, 6 months after ~ initial activation. Due to the fact that then, has actually deployed continuously.’s current missions incorporate counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, international internal defense and security pressure assistance.


My location is marine Raider. I will never ever forget the significant legacy and sacrifice that those who came prior to me.

At all times mine fires will be accurate. With cunning, speed, surprise, and also violence of action, I will hunt the adversaries of mine country and also bring chaos to their doorstep. Ns will store my body strong, mine mind sharp and also my kit ready at every times.

Raiders forged the course I follow. With Determination, Dependability and Teamwork I will uphold the respect of the legacy and valor passed down to me. Ns will do the best thing always, and I will let mine actions speak for me. As a quiet professional, I will not lug shame ~ above myself or those through whom ns serve.

Spiritus Invictus, one Unconquerable Spirit, will certainly be my standard. Ns will never ever quit, ns will never surrender and I will never fail. I will certainly adapt come the situation. I will gain and maintain the initiative. Ns will constantly go a small farther and carry an ext than my share.

On any battlefield, in ~ any allude of the compass I will certainly excel. Ns will set the example for every others to emulate. In ~ the reminder of the spear, I will teach and prepare rather to look for out, dismantle and also destroy our usual enemies. I will fight side by side through my fellow countrymen and partners and also will it is in the an initial in and the last the end of any kind of mission.

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Conquering every obstacles of mind, body, and spirit; the honor and pride of serving my nation will it is in my control force. I will remain constantly faithful come my other Raiders and constantly forward in my service.