Two years ago, Apple killed the headphone port. Ns still haven’t forgiven them because that it.

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When apologize announced the the iphone 7 would have no headphone port, ns was pretty immediately annoyed. I figured possibly I’d acquire over it in a couple of months. I didn’t. Ns figured if worse involved worse, I’d move platforms. Then all of the various other manufacturers started following suit.

This, of course, isn’t a new annoyance because that me. I’ve been hating headphone adapters on phones right below on this an extremely website due to the fact that two thousand and nine. Because that a small stretch there, though, I acquired my way.

It to be a civilization full of dongles and also crappy proprietary audio ports. Sony Ericsson had actually the FastPort. Nokia had actually the Pop-Port. Samsung had actually like 10 various ports the no one offered a shit about. No solitary phone maker had claimed the throne yet, so nobody port had actually really become ubiquitous… yet every manufacturer wanted their port to come to be the port. Also the phones that had a standardized audio jack mostly had the smaller 2.5mm port, requiring an adapter all the same.


Then come the original iPhone through its 3.5mm headphone port. It was a weird recessed 3.5mm port the didn’t job-related with most headphones, yet it was a 3.5mm port! Apple was riding ~ above the success that the iPod, and also people to be referring to this rumored an equipment as the iPod Phone before it was also announced. How could something prefer that not have a headphone port?

Sales the the iPhone began to climb. A couple of million in 2007. Almost 12 million in 2008. 20 million in 2009. A tide shifted. Together Apple’s small slab of glass took over the smartphone world, various other manufacturers tried to figure out what Apple was doing so right. The smartphone market, as soon as filled v chunky, button-covered plastic beasts (this one slides! This one spins!), homogenized. Relax by release, everything started looking more like the iPhone. A slab of glass. Premium materials. Minimal physical buttons. And, of course, a headphone port.

Within a couple years, a conventional headphone harbor wasn’t just a nice selling point — it was mandatory. We’d gone into a wonderful age of being able to use our wired headphones whenever we damn fine pleased.

Then come September 7th, 2016, as soon as Apple had actually the “courage” come announce it to be ditching the 3.5mm jack (oh, and also by the means check out these new $150 wireless headphones!).

Apple wasn’t the first to ditch the headphone harbor — but, just as with its decision to include one, its decision to eliminate it has turned the tide. A couple of months after the portless iphone phone 7 was announced, Xiaomi nixed the port on the Mi 6. Then Google ditched the from its flagship Android phone, the Pixel 3. Also Samsung, which lampooned Apple because that the decision, seems to it is in tinkering with the idea the dropping it. Despite leaks indicate the upcoming Galaxy S10 will have actually a headphone port, the agency pulled that from the mid-range A8 line previously this year. If 2016 to be the year Apple take it a stab in ~ the headphone jack, 2018 was the year it bled out.

And I’m still mad around it.

Technology comes and goes, and also oh-so-often in ~ Apple’s doing. Ditching the CD journey in laptops? That’s okay — CDs were doomed, and they were pretty awful to begin with. Killing Flash? flash sucked. Switching one kind of USB harbor for another? Fine, ns suppose. The new USB is much better in just about every way. At the really least, i won’t shot to plug that in upside down only to flip it over and realize I had actually it appropriate the an initial time.

But the headphone jack? It was fine. That stood the check of time because that one hundred damned years, and also with an excellent reason: It. Just. Worked.

I’ve been trying to number out why the removed of the headphone harbor bugs me more than various other ports that have been unceremoniously eliminated off, and I think it’s due to the fact that the headphone port nearly always only make me happy. Utilizing the headphone port supposed listening come my favorite album, or making use of a totally free minute to capture the latest episode that a show, or passing an earbud to a friend to re-superstructure some brand-new tune. It enabled happy moments and never got in the way.

Now every time I desire to use my headphones, i just uncover myself annoyed.

Bluetooth? Whoops, forgot to charge them. Or whoops, they’re trying to pair through my laptop even though mine laptop is turn off and also in mine backpack.

Dongle? Whoops, left that on my other pair the headphones in ~ work. Or whoops, it fell off somewhere, and also now I’ve acquired to walk buy another one.


I’ll just buy a bunch that dongles, and put lock on every my headphones! I’ll store extras in my bag for once I must borrow a pair of headphones. That’s as with five dongles at this point, difficulty solved! Oh, wait: currently I want to hear to music while I loss asleep, but additionally charge mine phone so it’s not dead in the morning. That’s a different, an ext expensive splitter dongle (many that which, I’ve found, are poorly make garbage).

None the these space that large of a deal. Fee your damned headphones, Greg. Stop shedding your dongles. The thing is: they take it a thing that just worked and just make me happy and replaced it v something that, fairly often, just bugs the hell out of me. If a friend sent out me a YouTube link and I want to watch it there is no bugging everyone around me, I might just use everything crappy, worn the end headphones I happened to have sitting in my bag. Currently it’s a process with a bunch of potential clues of failure.

“But currently its water-resistant!” Water-resistant phones existed before every one of this, lot of of i m sorry had/have headphone ports. As a recent example, watch Samsung’s Galaxy S9 v its IP68 rating (matching the of the iphone XS).

“But it can be slimmer!” nobody was questioning for that.

“But the batteries inside can be bigger!” The volume of the battery barely jumped in the years from the 6S to the 8 — from 1,715mAh to 1,821mAh. That wasn’t till a few years later on with the iphone X, as soon as the standard iPhone started getting more comprehensive and taller, the we saw super big jumps in its battery capacity.

Will this post readjust anything? Of course not. Apple blew the horn the told the sector it’s it s okay to autumn the headphone port, and everyone dropped right in line. The following year — and the year after the — to apologize sold one more 200 million-plus phones. In ~ this point, apple doesn’t also bother providing you the headphone adapter in the box. Apple’s mental is make up.

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But if you’re the end there, annoyed, stumbling throughout this write-up after recognize yourself through a pair that headphones and a smartphone that won’t beat friendly together in a pinch, just know: you’re not the only one. Two years later, I’m still mad at whoever do this speak to — and also everyone rather in the sector who adhered to suit.