Update: You have the right to read our testimonial of the iphone phone 7 where we attend to the real influence on shedding the 3.5mm headphone jack. Walk it mean you shouldn"t to buy the iphone phone 7? check out our complete verdict to find out.

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Apple has actually now officially unveiled the iphone 7, and also despite every the petitions, complaints and also furious customers, the iphone phone 7 and also iPhone 7 Plus have actually arrived without a headphone jack.

From bendgate to bugs, apple is no stranger come criticism and also controversy, but the iphone phone 7 is proving to be among the company"s most controversial handsets yet, all thanks to this one feature, or the lack of it.

But while the decision is indeed a resource of controversy, there must be a factor for it. Here"s why Apple decided to do this interlocutor move.

Why is it gone?

Apple marketing chef Phil Schiller said the firm had been encouraged by "courage" to eliminate the headphone jack.

Schiller stated on stage: "Some world have asked united state why us would eliminate the analogue headphone jack. It"s been v us a really long time and also it comes under to one word: courage. Ours team has actually tremendous courage."

That"s simply marketing speech - which has currently become a hoax on social media - however Schiller"s follow up offers much more insight right into why the iphone 7 doesn"t have actually a headphone jack. That said, "our smartphones are packed through technologies, quicker processors...and every one of it fights because that space."

That extra space, although minimal, is being supplied to load extra tech into the iphone phone 7. That"s clear from the size of the phone call - the lack of a headphone jack hasn"t do the iphone phone 7 thinner, it"s still 7.1mm prefer the iphone 6S.

Instead, apologize is using the freed up space for extra technologies, likely concentrated on the A10 fusion processor and battery cell.

Why maintain a space-taking solitary purpose analogue connector, which has actually been provided in tech due to the fact that 1964? girlfriend don"t, follow to Apple, v the firm instead looking in the direction of a wireless future.

In the box headphones

You"ll get a pair that Lightning EarPods in the box of the iphone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. These are much the same as the EarPods you"ve had in the box with previous iPhones, yet they"re designed for use with the Lightning port fairly than a timeless 3.5mm jack.

That means if you"re reliant top top headphones girlfriend won"t be able to listen to music on your phone and charge it in ~ the same time.

Each phone call will likewise ship v a Lightning come 3.5mm adaptor, so you can continue using her wired headphones v the handset. The adaptor doesn"t look at great, it provides you one extra cable to carry around, and it"s going to it is in annoying once listening come music ~ above the go.

Plus, if you lose it, Apple will charge you $9 (£9, AU$12) because that a replacement.

Apple AirPods

Apple is also releasing wireless headphones because that you come buy together the iphone phone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, referred to as AirPods. The AirPods are much like Apple"s EarPods, however they"re wireless and also connect via Bluetooth.

It may seem obvious, however you don"t need to buy the AirPods to use the iphone 7. We have seen some human being on Twitter suspect you need to buy the AirPods together the iPhone, however instead you can use the EarPods from package or your very own wireless/Lightning jack headphones.

Each of the Airpods has actually a touch sensitive back, for this reason you deserve to tap on the headphone to activate Siri and answer calls utilizing the built-in microphone.

You"ll be maintaining them in a little wireless charging instance that to apologize supplies, and once you upper and lower reversal the lid open your phone will recognize that the headphones are ready to use.

That sound pretty seamless, however the AirPods aren"t cheap, costing $159 (£159, AU$229) and also they also look quite easy to lose if no stored in the charging case. No to mention the reality that they only offer about five hours of life ~ above a solitary charge.

Still, no-one said the future would certainly be hassle-free, and if apple makes an excellent use that the extra an are in the phones the port removal could one day be worth it.

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