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During critical year’s Republican national Convention, Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, claimed Joe Biden would press the Green brand-new Deal if elected president and “essentially ban animal farming and get rid of gas-powered cars.”At one October project rally in Des Moines, chairman Donald Trump said Biden “vowed to abolish fossil fuels.”Biden is collection to it is in president, andChristina Freundlich, a spokeswoman because that his Iowa campaign sayshe never ever endorsed the Green new Deal resolution.There is no scientific basis that the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions would mean the removed of animal farming or gas-powered cars, according to a Stanford University planet Systems scientific research professor.
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Throughout president-elect Joe Biden’s campaign, republicans in Iowa and nationally made claims about what a Biden presidency could do to the agriculture and energy sectors — both essential industries for Iowa’s workforce and also economy.

At the Republican national Convention in August, Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, claimed that Biden would end animal agriculture as we recognize it. "The autonomous Party that Joe Biden is pushing the so-called Green new Deal. If provided power lock would basically ban animal agriculture and remove gas-powered cars," Ernst said on Aug. 26.

At one October project rally in Des Moines, President Donald trumped accused Biden of supporting plans that would remove gas-powered cars. "One that the many important worries for Iowa is the totality thing that occurred with ethanol, they were killing ethanol, and Joe Biden has actually vowed to abolish fossil fuels, he supports every one of the outside… This crusade to get rid of gas powered cars…" Trump stated on Oct. 14.

Trump additionally weighed in ~ above the banning-animal-agriculture theme, at a Wisconsin campaign rally top top Sept. 17, as soon as he said the brand-new Green Deal would ban cattle. called that case false when it was made.

Biden takes end the presidency indigenous Trump top top Wednesday, Jan. 20, so Iowa took a watch at even if it is or not these accusations around him, specifically, have a chance to it is in true. 

Animal agriculture

Ernst project spokesperson Brendan Conley composed in an email to Iowa that the Green brand-new Deal resolution calls for removing pollution and also greenhouse gas emissions native the transportation and farming sectors. "How go one fully remove greenhouse gas emissions from the transport and agriculture sectors without essentially banning animal ag and also gas-powered cars?" Conley wrote.

The Biden-Harris climate plan says "the Green brand-new Deal is a critical framework for meeting the climate obstacles we face." The plan’s created statement continues: "It powerfully captures two simple truths, which space at the core of his plan: (1) the United states urgently needs to embrace greater ambition on an epic range to accomplish the border of this challenge, and also (2) our environment and also our economic climate are fully and entirely connected."

However, Biden has actually not endorsed the controversial Green brand-new Deal legislation that U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., introduced in the House in February 2019, Christina Freundlich, an Iowa spokesperson for the Joe Biden campaign, said. When he has actually said the agrees through the legislation’s principles, his position paper for managing the environment does not adopt key details uncovered in the legislation, a look in ~ his place shows. 

Biden likewise has no endorsed a resolution presented in the House in might 2019 through U.S. Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., which says the Green brand-new Deal is "antithetical to the values of free market capitalism and private building rights." 

During a March 2020 autonomous presidential primary debate between Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a solid supporter the the Green brand-new Deal, Biden said, "We both agree that we … have to address the existential hazard that deals with humanity. We disagree ~ above the details of exactly how we carry out it, however we nothing disagree on the principle." 

Rob Jackson, an earth system science professor at Stanford University, check strengths and also weaknesses of the Green brand-new Deal in a march 2019 report with other Stanford environmental experts.

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Jackson claimed the case that remove greenhouse emissions would bring about the removed of animal agriculture — i beg your pardon Ernst stated the Green new Deal would perform — is unfounded. 

"There are multiple methods of addressing that … obviously people could eat much less red meat, but there are also feed additive that scientists are studying that cut methane emissions however don’t show up to alleviate the efficiency of the cattle," Jackson stated in a Iowa interview. "Unless yes something much more that they’re pointing to, i think that this statement the they’re planning to ban animal agriculture is ridiculous."

But, Biden’s climate setup agrees through Green brand-new Deal basic principles together as producing jobs in clean energy and infrastructure and investing money into underserved communities that room hit hardest by the transforming climate.