Elon Musk evidenced that electric ATV Tesla unveiled at the Cybertruck unveiling will certainly actually it is in an optional add-on for the buyers that the electrical pickup trucks.

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At the end of the Cybertruck unveiling critical night, Tesla brought on phase an electric ATV make by its style team.

The vehicle, dubbed Tesla Cyberquad, was supplied to show the loading volume of the Cybertruck, which have the right to lower its behind suspension come accommodate easier loading of a automobile on a ramp come the bed of electric pickup truck.

It plugged into the electric outlets (110v/220v) onboard the Tesla Cybertruck — meaning that if the Tesla electrical ATV is top top the Cybertruck, the is charging.

At the time, Musk didn’t point out anything about making the ATV obtainable at the time, however on Twitter today, Tesla’s CEO shown that it will certainly be an alternative for Cybertruck buyers:

Tesla 2 person electrical ATV will come at very first as an option for Cybertruck

— Elon Musk (
elonmusk) November 22, 2019

The CEO also confirmed the the Tesla ATV is walk to it is in a two-seater.

Instead of marketing the ATV on its own, that sounds prefer the automaker is plan to offer the “Tesla Cyberquad” as an alternative for Cybertruck buyers.

Tesla didn’t reveal any type of specs for the electrical ATV.

gendergeek.org’s Take

That’s good news. It’s exactly what I said in my an initial post around the Tesla ATV.

It would certainly make a great incentive for early on Cybertruck buyers to confirm their order and help Tesla’s margins v a reasonably expensive “option” favor that.

Of course, the specs still need to make sense, but I feel favor Tesla will have actually no trouble to make a fun electrical quad with all its experience making electric vehicles.

I expect Tesla ultimately ends up marketing the Tesla Cyberquad top top its own.

It might be an interesting way for people to get into electric vehicles and the Tesla brand.

Also, ATVs room a fun method to explore nature, however they are also an extremely loud and polluting. It would certainly be awesome to have a quiet, zero-emission way to have actually a similar experience.

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