BTS is one of the biggest boy bands in the world, releasing songs choose “Boy v Luv,” “Black Swan,” and “Dynamite.” Now, they’re partnering with one of the world’s biggest brands — McDonald’s. 

Although pan of this K-pop group learned the food selection items the come through this meal, it’s quiet unclear if there will be any added perks because that ARMYs. 


Jin, J-Hope, Suga, Jungkook, V, Jimin, and RM that BTS execute on stage throughout the 63rd yearly GRAMMY Awards | Theo Wargo/Getty pictures for The recording Academy

BTS is partnering through McDonald’s to lug a unique meal to fans throughout the globe

J-Hope loves Sprite and also Shake Shack. V loves Panda Express. Now BTS is partnering with one of the world’s greatest fast-food chains. In 2021, this band announced lock would have their very own meal obtainable for fans to purchase.

According come a statement indigenous Alistair Macrow, the worldwide Chief Marketing Officer that McDonald’s, this is the very first celebrity signature bespeak that will certainly be available to McDonald’s customers almost everywhere the world. This enjoy the meal debuts during May 2021.

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Does the BTS McDonald’s enjoy the meal come through a toy?

With brand-new BTS album packages, there are plenty of goodies because that ARMYs, consisting of posters and also photo cards that the members. Together a result, part fans space wondering even if it is or not picture cards will be included to the BTS McDonald’s meal.

It’s not fully out of the question, and also neither are toys, as BTS has its very own line of BT21 characters.

Other celebrity meals, consisting of the Travis Scott and J Balvin meal, walk not incorporate special perks. However, when BTS collaborated with various other brands, favor Samsung, over there were photo cards included as an included bonus for ARMYs.

This menu item will certainly be different from the “Happy Meal,” though, i m sorry is marketed in the direction of children and also includes a toy with purchase. More information will, presumably, be announced in the coming days.

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What is had in the BTS McDonald’s meal?

The specifics of this enjoy the meal vary based upon location, however generally speaking, the BTS McDonald’s meal is the very same for fans across the globe. This meal has a 10 or 9-piece Chicken McNuggets (depending on the market), medium fries, a tool drink, and also two dipping sauces influenced by recipes native McDonald’s southern Korea (Sweet Chili and Cajun).

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This i will not ~ be BTS’ an initial brand deal as the K-pop group collaborated through Samsung, Starbucks, FILA, and also The Coca-Cola Company, producing their own products in the process. Recently, these artists became brand ambassadors because that the fashion house, louis Vuitton. 

The “Life walk On” music video by BTS is now easily accessible for streaming ~ above YouTube. The K-pop group’s luxurious album, title Be, is obtainable on Spotify, apologize Music, and most major streaming platforms.