‘Alaskan bush People’ is a docudrama-style fact television series that adheres to the Brown household who stays off-the-grid in the wilderness. The series very first released on may 6, 2014, on discovery Channel, and followed the household when they lived in Alaska, close to Hoonah and also Chichagof Island. However, the eighth season experienced the family move the end of Alaska. The Browns have actually undergone several life-changing events, which have actually resulted in their relocate to different places. Naturally, the fans must be wondering where do they live now? We’ve got you covered!

Who space the Alaskan bush People?

‘Alaskan bush People’ is the Brown family members of which Billy Brown to be the patriarch. Billy was a recognized naturalist and adventurer. Together with his mam Ami and their seven children, he chose to live in close link with nature and the wildlife. However, the household has viewed tragic times that have actually redefined your life, consisting of Ami’s cancer diagnosis, a wildfire, yet the many tragic has actually been bill Brown’s death in February 2021.

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The family has additionally spent a same amount of time ~ above the ocean when not in the Alaskan bush. Billy used to it is in a advertising fisherman and would take fee of the family boating trips. ‘Alaskan shrub People’ come under a lot of fire as soon as viewers began doubting its authenticity. To make matters worse, in 2015, the Browns were charged v fraud entailing allegations that they claimed money from the state money for citizens in Alaska, return they did not fulfill the residency requirements. Back Billy blamed the on poor-record keeping because of the family’s unconventional means of life, the matter had actually to be solved with fines, house arrest, and restitution.

Where do the Alaskan bush People Live Now?

Before we answer wherein the family members lives now, the is crucial to know why they moved out the Alaska in the very first place. Ami to be diagnosed with progressed lung cancer in 2017, v reportedly just three percent opportunities of survival. The family had to move to Los Angeles, California, to stay close to UCLA Medical facility for Ami’s treatment, whereby she was undergoing chemotherapy. After months of treatment, her body was cost-free of cancer by the finish of the year.


This unexpected recovery added fuel come the fire about the rumors that the present being staged and “fake.” However, exploration executive vice president Laurie Goldbergrubbished the rumors and confirmed that Ami’s battle versus cancer was real and was a an overwhelming time for the family. Throughout their time in LA, the family members lived in a rental mansion prior to they relocated to their Beverly glenn mansion in Beverly Hills. The is reported that they still have actually this home at your disposal, back they favor living in Washington State.


In respectable 2018, the household moved come a residential property spanning over 400 acre in Tonasket, Washington State. This heritage in the phibìc Cascade hills is dubbed the north Star Ranch and gives lock the opportunity to be far from people while being close sufficient for Ami’s continuous check-ups and treatment in LA. However, tragedy to win again once the Browns suffered a “devastating loss” together the Palmer Fire raged through Okanogan county in august 2020. They were asked come evacuate and confirmed that they were safe. On his Instagram post, be afflicted with Brown requested world to reach out to those in need, back his family members did not require help, regardless of their losses.

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On February 7, 2021, Billy Brown passed far at the family’s Washington State home. He died from a seizure at the period of 68. The Brown family members is living with their most an overwhelming times.