Apple has confirmed that the iphone phone 7 walk not incorporate a headphone jack. In that absence, owners will have to use Lightning or Bluetooth headphones, both the which will certainly be an ext expensive than a pair that ends in the timeless 3.5mm connector.

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Knowing the plenty that criticism would follow this announcement, Apple tried to deal with the jack"s removal onstage by laying the end three factors for that is removal:

A Lightning dongle can adapt larger devicesIt frees up room inside the phone for other techIt furthers Apple"s vision for far better audio

But what the all really comes down to, apple marketing cook Phil Schiller said, is "courage." Yes, courage.

A pair of Lightning earbuds, as well as an adaptor for timeless headphone jacks, will certainly be consisted of in the box with the iphone 7.

A fast rundown of some of the positives and negatives the this move. The positives:

The negatives:

Most existing headphones space unusableNew headphones are much more expensiveYou"re absolutely going to find yourself needing a pair the headphones and someone will certainly say, "Oh, I have a pair," yet then you"ll have to explain that castle won"t work due to the fact that they"re as well normal

Basically, it"s no a stretch come say the in the brief term, this is walking to be a vast inconvenience for a many people. The 3.5mm headphone jack is a modern technology standby and isn"t going to die quickly or easily.

Getting escape of it does start to accomplish certain goals because that Apple. The frees up more space inside the iPhone, i beg your pardon is supposedly currently being offered up for other tech, and also it begins shifting modern technology as a entirety away native an analog standard and toward newer, digital alternatives. The will additionally sell an ext Beats headphones.

Those digital choices do have actually their benefits. Headphones connected by Lightning should be able to deliver higher quality audio than headphones linked over a 3.5mm jack. The course, that"s to be true because that as lengthy as there have been Lightning headphones; now you"re just being compelled to make the choice.

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This quite perhaps marks the beginning of the end of the headphone jack. Plenty of will applaud — and already applauding — apple for taking the plunge. And also it"s same to see this together a action for technical progress. However in this case, it"s very much a case of irreversible progress begot by temporary frustrations and also limitations. Potential buyers will desire to keep this in mind while looking in ~ the iphone 7.

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