First, I began noticing Teslas. Elon Musk’s futuristic electrical cars have actually gone from a remarkable rarity (“My Lyft last night to be a Tesla!”) come an inevitability (“Of course there are two Teslas top top the location charger in ~ the Edina Galleria.”)

But something about the cars feeling off. They to be so… round, or something. The shape felt weird. Castle looked fine, and also yet somehow too smooth? It took a while come pinpoint the resource of that weirdness: unlike just around every other car roughly them, plenty of Teslas don’t have front license plates. 

With the incongruity identified, I experienced them everywhere: top top the highway, at the liquor store, in the parking ramp at the mall. The felt prefer at the very least a third of the time, they were absent one of 2 plates. 

Confirmation bias? Perhaps. However consider the following: every Tesla pictured over was photographed between 3:54 p.m. And also 6:35 p.m. ~ above Saturday evening. That’s no a huge window! 

I haven’t to be going out of my means to discover them—it is the Teslas that space finding me. And also I’m not talking about cars with momentary dealer tags; these room full-fledged version X’s and Y’s. Cars have to have prior plates, right? for this reason why do you check out so plenty of Teslas about the Twin cities without them?

The answer to be one Google search away: Luxury vehicle people don’t like just how front key look. It’s reportedly a common enough emotion that Teslas don’t also have former plate mounts installed. 

That isn’t a difficulty for world in states like Pennsylvania or Tennessee or Kentucky, where chauffeurs are only forced to screen a rear plate. But in most states—including Minnesota—front plates room nonnegotiable. 

From Minnesota State statute (M.N.) 169.79: “No human shall operate, journey or park a motor vehicle on any kind of roadway unless the automobile is registered in accordance v the legislations of this state and also has the license plates or allow confirming that valid registration or operating authority has been obtained.”

The statute does overview some exceptions. Standard cars, motorcycles and scooters, and small trailers need only a behind plate. Farm yard vehicles, choose road-tractors, require one prior plate. 

“If the motor auto is any type of kind the motor car other than those detailed for in subdivisions 2 to 4,” the state states—and Teslas room not—then “one plate need to be presented on the front and also one top top the behind of the vehicle.”

Existing Tesla models might not come v a former plate mountain attached come the car, however the agency does administer one that drivers can affix themselves. You have the right to install the holder through drilling into the front sleep of the car, or friend can connect it v adhesives. This is a man in Maryland who “ruined” his version 3 (aesthetically, the is) through taping a plate on the front:

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A mountain isn’t difficult to discover or install, yet many Tesla chauffeurs don’t want to install front plates. Dig roughly the forums on the dealer’s site, and you’ll find people like this:


Or this two:


Get a pack of this guy:


Shoot them all into room IMO.

Not every Tesla motorists are this way, of course. There are kind and helpful world in these forums who point out that it’s no worth the threat (and no all that much of a hassle) to put your former plates on. Plenty of Twin urban Teslas space tooling around with the requisite sheets the stamped metal, and they’re reading this thinking, “What the fuck! #NotAllTeslas!”

And look, ns don’t really treatment if you have a full collection of key on your car. We’ve all let our registrations slide away or driven roughly with a tail light out or whatever. I absolutely don’t think it’s good or for sure for police come pull world over for these type of minor website traffic infractions. (Though that does do you wonder… how many of these deluxe autos, easily accessible mostly come the affluent, are gaining pulled over for driving without a prior plate?)

But the Tesla point smacks of a certain privilege.

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Together if because you invested $90k on a version X you somehow above the rest of united state morons who aerodynamically challenged Subaru Outbacks and Ford Tauruses came v front key mounts.

Take a look following time you happen or park near a Tesla. Go it have a prior plate? Does that driver think they’re much better than you?