Nashville is house to numerous sports teams, including the NFL’s Tennessee Titans and NHL’s Nashville Predators. Plus, the Nashville SC premiered in 2020. Nashville has also been residence to minor league baseball because 1885. The Nashville Stars played in the city indigenous the late 1930s to early on ’50s. The city has an ext baseball wishes for an MLB team, to be named in respect of the Stars. Justin Timberlake, who prospered up in Memphis, is all-in on the idea.

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History that Nashville baseball

The #Brewers have expanded invitations to 4 Minor organization teams to become affiliates in significant League Baseball’s brand-new player advancement structure.

— Milwaukee Brewers (

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In 1884, Nashville formed the Nashville Americans, a team in the minors southern League, first playing in 1885. The team’s home ar was recognized as Sulphur Dell and also subsequent minor organization teams played there v 1963. The Dell to be demolished in 1969. Over a te later, Nashville saw an additional home baseball field, according to the MLB.

Herschel Greer stadium was constructed on the grounds the Ft. Negley with the Nashville Sounds, a Double-A Southern league team, opening there in 1978. In ~ the time, the Sounds were a Cincinnati Reds affiliate. Many recently, in 2019, the Sounds came to be a Texas rangers Triple-A affiliate, play in very first Tennessee Park. Because that 2021, the Sounds have actually been invited by the Milwaukee Brewers to be a Triple-A affiliate. It’s currently awaiting approval.

From 1978 to 2019, an ext than 850 minor-league football player from the Nashville Sounds moved up to the majors. Forty-five of lock became significant league All-Stars. During Sound’s history, the team retired 2 jerseys: No. 00, worn by outfielder Skeeter Barnes and No. 18, worn by an initial baseman Don Mattingly, at this time the manager of the Miami Marlins. Similar to all agree baseball teams, Jackie Robinson’s No. 42 jersey is also retired there.

Nashville Negro league teams

The an initial Nashville negro team created in 1918. Referred to as the Nashville Standard, the semi-pro team gained respect together a regional force in the South. Change the name the upstream Giants, that is popularity ongoing to grow. One 8,000-seat stadium, Wilson Park, was built in 1929 in the heart of Nashville’s black color community. In 1930, the team came to be a part of the Negro nationwide League, only for the organization to disband the following year.

The league was put in order in 1933. But the upstream Giants changed for only two seasons before the failing economic situation forced lock to move to Columbus in ~ the end of 1934. The Nashville Stars created in the late ’30s together a semi-pro team. In 1942, the team began play in the minors that the Negro significant Leagues. The Stars played in the black Southern organization in 1951 for a year. Then, the league disbanded the following year.

The potential ‘Nashville Stars’ MLB team

Justin Timberlake joins Team Trying come Bring major League Baseball to Nashville

— beginning 9 (
Starting9) September 9, 2020

The Music City Baseball team hopes the MLB will provide a brand-new Nashville Stars team. Organizers want to name the team in respect of Negro organization teams the played in the city before integration. Led by businessman john Loar, the idea has caught fire. Pitcher-turned-baseball-executive Dave Stewart, hall of reputation manager Tony La Russa, and Negro Leagues Baseball Museum president Bob Kendrick all setup to participate.

In July, former MLB GM Dave Dombrowski became a consultant. In December, he became the Philadelphia Phillies‘ chairman of baseball operations. However he tho believes in Nashville together a residence for a new MLB team. USA Today short article reports Dombrowski’s thoughts. That said, “Nobody knows what’s walking to take place in the future v expansion. Castle can’t give you any promises, but they think of Nashville as an up-and-coming baseball city.”

According to the article, “The score is to current an official growth proposal come MLB in ~ the 2021 Winter Meetings in Nashville. MLB desires to ultimately expand come 32 teams, yet there space no existing plans.” get in Timberlake, who Loar courted through the idea. The singer can not refuse to invest in the potential team. After, the avid sports fan is already a decimal owner in the Memphis Grizzlies.

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“I am thrilled to be involved in the motion to bring major League Baseball to the good state that Tennessee,” Timberlake said. “I believe in Music City Baseball’s vision that linking baseball and music in a distinctive way.” Dombrowski claimed elaborated:

“For us this is huge. I mean is someone that’s world-known, substantial in the area and also the an ar and the state. He support baseball and also all the other things that us stand for. Having actually someone favor that connected speaks a lot for his interest in making this work-related and also gives us assistance in talking to other people of this ilk. It’s extremely vital to us.”

Other musicians associated in the project include Darius Rucker, Luke Combs, and also Kane Brown.