What varieties of cars Qualify together a "Lemon"?

The state ofTennesseehas a Lemon legislation to defend consumers if castle purchased a faulty vehicle.

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The Lemon Law uses to only new vehicles that were purchased or leased.In Tennessee, the Lemon legislation does not use to offered vehicles.

If friend purchased a provided vehicle, you generally purchase that automobile “as is."That means that if you purchased a supplied vehicle, drive off the parking lot and it subsequently breaks down; you space responsible to pay for that repair. The only exemption to this will be if girlfriend signed a vouch contract through the human being you bought her used auto from.

When purchase a used vehicle, it is constantly a good idea to have actually that used automobile evaluated by a mechanic that you trustbefore girlfriend purchaseor negotiate a warranty deal with the human you space buying the used automobile from.

Can i Return a vehicle Within 3 work of Purchase?

There is not a law in Tennesseethat allows you come return a car within 3 (3) job if friend decide no to purchase that car. However, CarMax does allow a customer to execute that, however that is an exception, no the rule. In my opinion, CarMax is whereby I would go come buy a used car because thethree days rendered to return the vehicle is really convenient.

What is the meaning of a "Lemon" Under Tennessee Law?

1) In order to be defined a “lemon” under Tennessee statelaw, there should be three (3) do the efforts to solve the same trouble on the vehicle. Because that example, if the wait conditioner does no work, and you have actually attempted to settle the wait conditioner 3 (3) times, and it is tho broken, your vehicle is classified asa lemon.

2) Your car is also considered as a“lemon”if the has remained in an automotive fix shop because that thirty (30) or an ext days because that the exact same problem. For example, if your vehicle has been in the shop a complete of thirty (30) days because that a broken air conditioner, you have a lemon.

My vehicle is a Lemon! What Now?

If you have actually a car that meets this qualifications in Tennessee and also is alemon, her legal responsibility is to provide written notification to the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s deal with can frequently befound in the vehicle'sowner’s manual or online.

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The manufacturer should replace your car or refund your purchase price.Typically these disputes can beworked out v mediation, without the require for a lawyer.


Have girlfriend Tried to get Your auto Fixed or changed butthe Manufacturer is Refusing to assist You?

If girlfriend have any kind of questions around the TennesseeLemon law or if your auto manufacturer is refusing to recognize that your car is a lemon, execute not hesitate to email C. Mark Warren in ~ cmark