Medically reviewed by Dominique Fontaine, BSN, RN, HNB-BC, HWNC-BC — written by Kristeen Cherney — to update on September 29, 2021

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Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and also antiseptic properties the make that a triple hazard in piercing aftercare.

Not only have the right to it be provided to treatment for particular piercings during their initial heal process, yet it can also be provided long-term to minimize irritation and also prevent infection.

However, tea tree oil shouldn’t be used in location of her piercer’s recommended cleansing process. It must only be offered as a security treatment.

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Read on come learn much more about that benefits, what piercings you can use the for, side results to clock for, and also more.

What can tea tree oil carry out for the piercing?

Tea tree oil is well-known for that is wound-healing capabilities. This is early out in part to its natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. The may additionally exhibit antiseptic properties, which can assist prevent bacterial infections.

Tea tree oil may also:

ease redness and irritation around the piercingshrink papules, pustules, and other bumpsprevent keloids and other scar organization from forming

Although the proof is promising, more research is required to truly determine how reliable the oil is — specifically in comparison come proven therapy options.

What piercings can it be supplied for?

Topically used tea tree oil is thought about safe for most people. This method that tea tree oil is likely safe to usage on the outside area about most face and body piercings.

This has piercings in your:


Tea tree oil shouldn’t be swallowed, so it commonly isn’t recommended for dental use. Ingestion can lead come adverse side effects, including diminished muscle coordination, dizziness, and confusion.

In part cases, it might be for sure to usage tea tree oil as part of a mouth to wash or a soak. You must talk through your piercer prior to using the oil to care for any kind of oral piercing.

You should additionally talk through your piercer before using the oil to treatment for a genital piercing — interior use of any type of kind may result in next effects.

How to use tea tree oil on her piercing

The means you usage the oil eventually depends on where you’re applying it. Point out treatments work well for surface ar piercings, while soaks and rinses might work far better for other varieties of piercings.

Regardless of whereby you plan to usage the oil, girlfriend should also dilute the oil and also perform a patch test before doing a complete application. This will enable you come see exactly how your skin reacts before you apply it come an open up wound.


Like other important oils, tea tree is very strong by itself. Applying pure tea tree oil come the skin may reason redness, burning, or various other irritation.

How you pick to dilute it counts on exactly how you arrangement to usage it. You can add a pair of drops come an ounce of water to create a rinse, or mix it with an equal amount of transport oil to develop a object solution.

Patch test

After friend dilute the tea tree oil, you’ll want to carry out a spot test. To execute this, apply a little amount that the diluted oil come the inside of your eight or leg.

If you don’t experience any kind of irritation in ~ 24 come 48 hours, it must be for sure for friend to use elsewhere. If you have a background of skin sensitivities, you might want come wait the full 48 hours before you decision to do a full application.

As a topical point out treatment

Once did you do it diluted the tea tree oil and also have had actually a successful patch test, girlfriend can apply a little amount the the problem to a thin fabric or sturdy record towel.

Then, dab the towel or towel onto the skin around and within the piercing. Use gentle press only. Clean everything the cotton back and forth may permit tissue yarn to catch on the jewel or otherwise irritate the area.

As component of a sea salt soak or point out treatment

You can also add a couple drops the tea tree oil to your sea salt soak. Make sure the equipment is mixed well before you dip her piercing into the water.

When she finished, rinse the area with constant water, and pat dry.

You can also dip a cotton towel into your sea salt and tea tree oil solution and also apply it directly to the area. Again, make certain you wash the area with regular water and also pat dry as soon as complete.

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As component of a sea salt rinse

Piercers recommend sea salt rinses because that piercings located inside of the mouth. Adding a couple of autumn of tea tree oil to her sea salt systems may rise its healing effects.

Swish the rinse around the mouth and also spit. Carry out not sloop down the tea tree oil rinse.

Make certain you follow up through a typical saltwater rinse to remove any lingering tea tree oil.

Despite their “natural” origin, necessary oils, choose tea tree oil, are powerful substances. You have to never apply pure tea tree oil directly to your skin. Doing so can result in a significant allergic reaction, blisters, or various other irritation.

The just exceptions come dilution space the couple of ready-to-use tea tree oil commodities on the market. These frequently come in roller sphere tubes the are used to external locations only. Many of these commodities are draft for fragrant use, so make certain your selection is produced with topical application in mind.