The more you know! The actual Housewives that Orange County’s Tamra Judge required to Instagram Tuesday, June 28, to tell she fans why she has no ship button.

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The 48-year-old fitness fanatic, who frequently shows off her fit framework in bikinis on social media, common an anecdote (and a quite graphic photo) to help curious followers understand why she no longer has actually an outie or an innie.

“I handle this tonight on
bravowwhl,” the Orange county resident, who appeared on clock What wake up Live this previous Monday, composed alongside a pic of her belly switch surgically split down the middle. “I understand this is gross however I keep acquiring asked the same question ‘what taken place to your ship button’.”

“For the last time …. 3 year ago, ns was residence alone and also experienced excruciating pain. I called
drdubrow immediately and also he said me to contact 911,” she continued, revealing the her RHOC costar Heather Dubrow’s plastic operated doctor hubby, Terry, coached her v the horrible ordeal.

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“Terry remained on the phone through me while the paramedics take it me come the hospital,” she continued. “He likewise communicated through the on contact surgeon. My stomach wall surface had burst as result of gastric hernia. 5 hours of surgery this is what i was left with.”

Despite her belly button–free six-pack, referee is just happy that she made it through the health scare.

“Yep I have a and a screwed up belly button however my intestines whereby saved,” she concluded. “Thank friend
drdubrow because that being that physician that cared and also took the moment . If you require a brand-new case for #botched