The hair ~ above my arms went up. I was absolutely spooked as soon as I read this on facebook post. Having actually two kids, lets just say I had actually shivers and also freaked out.

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I can’t even in words say what ns just discovered out. Ns am SHOCKED and also want come tell and also let my friends and family, therefore they have the right to be made aware, therefore they can make certain their kids are safe.

Angelica stayed home from school today and also thank GOD she did.

Because she was on her iPod play a game referred to as talking Angela, i m sorry is comparable to talking Tom, anyway as she is sitting next to me this interaction cat states to she “Hi angelica whereby is her brother?”

She claims “OH he is right right here next come me”

The cat says “Cool”, climate the cat states “So what perform you carry out for fun?

Angela claims “I don’t know”.

Now i’m being quiet and listening due to the fact that I think its monster this Angela cat knows she has a brother and also is talking to her favor a person.

Then that is voice changes and also in part weird robotic voice it says “angelica once you date, what do you do on her dates?

She looked at me in ~ this point, acquired red in the face and also said nothing.

Then it said stick the end your tongue, ok stick mine out too”

It request “what are some points you deserve to do v your tongue? I deserve to find numerous things to perform with mine tongue, let’s interact with our tongues.

At that point I had heard enough.

I shut the off!

I was freaked out, dubbed the police department, they came to the house, said they would have actually the net investigations unit and paedophile investigations unit look right into it.

They called me an hour later and said “something or someone” is behind the cat.

They don’t recognize if the is regional or overseas.

While the police officer was there and angelica was talk to that she called the police officer Saturday night her cousin and also her to be on the Angela app and it request the girls their names, what her sisters/ brother’s surname was what college they BOTH go too, and also it take it a photo of angelica.

This is under serious examination right now.

When i googled talking Angela app I can not even begin to tell friend what creepy stuff come up.

Google it because that yourselves.

But some points are: the talking cat questioning girls for their phone numbers and also if they’ve had actually their an initial kiss.

Take this application off her phone please.

There’s a huge chance this might be a door because that pedophiles.

The police have actually said they have actually seen points *like* this however never actually v a children app, however that they room not putting it past them.

The girl told the talk Angela app, the innocent cat together they thought on Saturday your names and she had actually a brother and also then ~ above Monday morning when angelica rotate the app earlier on, it had actually remembered she name and also that she had a brother.

These points AREN’T claimed to ask girlfriend questions and especially no questions about dating, using tongues or kissing.

I to be disgusted.

I don’t feeling safe at all ideal now.

Knowing the there was some creep talking to mine daughter and also my niece with a talking app.

Please if you have this app or any kind of like that the police room saying take it it turn off of your phone.

Some stunner accusations because that sure. Let me tell you the right once I saw this that i ran to every my kids’ iPads, iPod touches, and iPhones and removed talking Tom and also every pet like Angela the cat that is connected with it. This yes, really is scary. And you know what, it’s totally believable. All the newer gadgets have webcams, there is voice acknowledgment with these apps, they deserve to mimic you as they’re intended. So, what’s to avoid a hacker from obtaining in the code and also chatting with you real-time. Hackers can hack your email, chat, and also IM programs so why no hack an pet and video chat with you?

But, I claimed this cannot be true. So, i Googled this facebook chat and also sure enough, it has actually gone viral through discussions here and there. The key rebuttal, indigenous Naked Security, says it’s bogus and cannot possibly occur with the actual tech company guidelines and also protocols of app creating.

These talking pet apps permit the user come take screenshot to be common via Facebook and also Twitter. This is supposedly the only real capacity of the user to present his or she face, and this is supposedly only mutual to on facebook or Twitter, and also nowhere else.

My take it on this totality thing is the it could absolutely be true. Hackers morph into so many different progressed ways. We have seen hackers take over computers and then relocate onto identity theft situations. We have likewise seen Gmail, email, and chat programs be hacked as well. What’s come say a video chat program, such as Talking Tom or talking Angela, can not be hacked and used come chat, extort, and take benefit of young users? the being said, you must remove this app for now as whether it has happened or might happen, it’s a viable opportunity that we have to not play Russian Roulette with.

If you feel your computer has a protection issue, has actually a computer system virus, has actually been hacked, you should take immediate activity and hire a computer service technician come take care of it. The longer you permit a possible computer IT issue linger, the worse your computer may get.

UPDATE!! I have actually finally uncovered the perfect way to defend yourself native this talk Tom scare, the Angela the Cat scare, and also basically any kind of other poisonous pedophile, hacker, or other evil person on her iPad.

What you require is a way where others will certainly not watch what you’re doing. This way that nobody will be watching you on her iPad. In turn, you have the right to be rest assured the you are safe.

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To be safe on her iPad, you require a good secure watch out for apps like this. Truly, the finest way, is to stop Talking Tom or among its sister sites. One of the clickable ads ~ above this website may more educate girlfriend on this, yet the best means is cold turkey, straight up not also using these terrible apps.

One step you deserve to take is bring your iPad or another device using this app to a technology to fully wipe and reinstall the operating device to for sure there are no hackers hiding within.

Click right here so you can remove your talk Tom hacker.

Good luck and also stay safe!