girlfriend won"t find a children"s food selection at Taco Bell anymore, but there are still great options because that them. The crunchy taco with fire-grilled chicken, paired with black beans, it is provided protein and fiber without topping the sodium charts.

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Taco Bell"s cheese roll-up v tomatoes is an easy and satisfying because that vegetarians, yet to upgrade its nutritional profile, we recommend adding the black beans, which an increase fiber and protein.

The black bean burrito without cheese supplies 7 grams of filling fiber and also contains all certified vegetables ingredients.

with the Fresco shredded chicken taco, you acquire a healthy dose of protein -- 10 grams -- for a fairly small quantity of calories. Include black beans for just 80 calories and also 5 grams of filling fiber.

The shredded chicken soft tacos, which have actually 2 grams that sugar, are some of the healthiest items on TB"s menu. Low-sugar sides encompass black bean (less than 1 gram that sugar) and, for a snack, chips and pico de gallo (2 grams of sugar).

The Fresco beef crunchy taco has actually only 300 milligrams that sodium. Us were pleasantly surprised to check out that the crunchy taco shell itself is basically sodium-free.
Taco Bell does no make any kind of gluten-free claims, but you have the right to largely stop it with the steak strength bowl. You additionally reduce a most sodium by avoiding guacamole, cheese, tart cream and also rice. But the chips and guacamole side is gluten-free.
The shredded chicken burato without avocado ranch sauce but with premium Latin rice and also cheddar cheese offers a mix of protein and carbs, both important for strong, energized muscles, and also delivers a healthy and balanced dose that performance-boosting iron.
The grilled steak soft taco aren"t simply easy to hold, they likewise offer a moderate amount of carbs and also fat, v a sheep of satiating protein for lengthy road trips.
If you are strictly limiting carbs, your best bet is come order the fire-grilled chicken strength bowl without rice and beans.
native a nutritional standpoint, some alternatives at Taco Bell fit into your diet much far better than others

Here are the best options if you"re concentrated on healthy options within the limits of the menu

Editor’s Note: This story is component of a collection on recognize the healthiest menu choices at few of the most well-known fast food restaurant chains.

when you take a trip to Taco Bell, it’s more than likely not because you space in the mood for a salad – most likely not even a taco salad. Opportunities are, she craving lull food or something indulgent, such together a smothered burato or a hash brown-filled Crunchwrap. It may not surprised you to hear the these foodstuffs are much from a dieter’s delight.

yet you don’t should steer clean of the chain, either. After ~ a lot of of menu analysis, we uncovered that native a nutritional standpoint, some choices at Taco Bell will fit right into your everyday diet much far better than others.

The first thing you should know about Taco Bell is that any type of meal have the right to be customized to her liking. That way you can get rid of salty, fatty, high-calorie toppings and also replace them with healthier alternatives. Because that example, many choices can be ordered “Fresco style,” i m sorry replaces mayo-based sauces, cheese, guacamole and also sour cream with tomato-rich pico de gallo. The Fresco soft tacos made our recommended perform a couple of times, as they are reduced in calories and saturated fat and also are some of the healthiest item on Taco Bell’s menu.

Additionally, if you have actually time come plan, you have the right to visit Taco Bell’s website, which has actually a an extremely user-friendly nutrition calculator that enables you to include or subtract toppings and also fillings, and view the update nutritional information. We found this to be extremely useful when make the efforts to mitigate the sodium or carbohydrate in a meal, for example, and also as a result, friend will view that many of our recommendations are customized to fulfill our nutritional standards.

additionally worth mentioning: Taco Bell’s oil are totally free of infectious diseases worldwide fats, and the firm is removing artificial flavors and colors from its foods (for example, organic fruit juice concentrate and also turmeric are currently used in place of blue No. 1 in the chain’s avocado ranch sauce).

A few notes of caution: despite the agency states the it reduced the salt content that most food selection items by an average of 15%, plenty of of the items, such as the breakfast Crunchwraps and taco salads, optimal 1,000 milligrams that sodium and also deliver an ext than half of your everyday sodium limit.

Also, as with other chains, sugar-sweetened beverages can max you out on sugar for the entire day. Some, such as the 40-ounce mountain Dew, have a whopping 145 grams the sugar, or 36 teaspoons worth. Your best bet is to stick with level water.

here are the ideal Taco Bell options if you’re focused on healthy selections within the borders of the menu. We break them down by our picks because that kids, athletes, drivers, vegetarians and also vegans, as well as low-calorie, low-sugar, low-salt, gluten-free and also low-carb options. Keep in mind that our nutrition info is based upon one part (i.e. One taco).

for kids

Our picks: Crunchy taco v fire-grilled chicken, or shredded chicken mini quesadilla without chipotle sauce, or Fresco soft tacos (shredded chicken or steak); black beans; and chips and also guacamole

girlfriend won’t find a children’s food selection at Taco Bell. In 2013, the chain discontinued kids meals in us stores, mostly since it considers itself a brand for millennials and also is less interested in marketing come children. However that doesn’t mean you won’t find kid-friendly choices on the menu.

The crunchy taco through fire-grilled chicken, shredded chicken mini quesadilla or Fresco soft taco with shredded chicken or steak, all paired v black beans, deliver protein and also fiber there is no topping the sodium charts. (We skipping the chipotle sauce in the quesadilla, as it might be a bit spicy for kids’ palates). An order of kid-friendly chips and also guacamole works well for a group and boosts monounsaturated fats while delivering less than 500 milligrams of salt for the totality dish.

for vegetarians

Our picks: Cheesy roll-up v tomatoes, plus black beans, or veggie strength burrito there is no guacamole, sour cream or avocado ranch sauce

Taco Bell’s cheesy roll-up through tomatoes is an easy and satisfying because that vegetarians, but to upgrade its nutritional profile, us recommend adding the black color beans, which boost fiber and also protein for the meal. The veggie power burrito through black beans, cheddar, pico de gallo and romaine is also vegetarian-friendly and also offers 8 grams that fiber and 13 grams the protein.

if we identify that guacamole has heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, we would quite you conserve it for a snack and slash an ext than 100 milligrams of salt from the meal. Omitting the sour cream and avocado ranch sauce helps reduced sodium by another 50 milligrams.

for vegans

Our picks: Black bean burato without cheese and also with gentle border sauce instead of red sauce, or veggie power burrito (Fresco style)

The black bean burato without cheese offers 7 grams of filling fiber and contains all certified vegan ingredients. But by picking the soft border sauce instead of red sauce, you cut 115 milligrams the sodium.

Additionally, items from the vegetarian menu, such as the veggie power burrito, can be do vegan-friendly by ordering castle Fresco style. That gets rid of mayo-based sauces, cake cream, cheese and guacamole and replaces them through pico de gallo, which gets its flavor native tomato, onions, cilantro and also lemon juice dressing.

because that calorie-counters

Our picks: Fresco soft taco (shredded chicken or steak), or shredded chicken mini quesadilla; and side of black color beans

You have the right to enjoy mexico food even if you are counting calories, and also Taco Bell has simplified the menu-selection procedure for waist watchers by giving its Fresco items (all under 350 calories) and also mini versions of popular foods, such together the shredded chicken mini quesadilla. Even better, you get a healthy and balanced dose of protein because that the reasonably small lot of calories: 10 grams through the Fresco shredded chicken or steak taco and 12 grams because that the chicken mini quesadilla. To keep hunger pangs further away, add the black beans for simply 80 calories and 5 grams of filling fiber.

because that the sugar-sensitive

Our picks: Fresco soft taco (shredded chicken or steak), or chicken soft taco; next of black beans; and chips and also pico de gallo

as well as Cinnabons and also sugar-sweetened beverages, there is naught on Taco Bell’s menu that is walking to add a far-ranging amount of street to her meal. That said, us really prefer the shredded chicken or steak Fresco soft tacos, which have 2 grams of street and, there is no fattening and also sodium-rich toppings, are some of the healthiest item on the menu.

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If you choose cheese v your taco, stick v the chicken soft taco, which has actually only 1 gram that sugar and also 2½ grams of saturation fat, and also less than 500 milligrams that sodium. We also like several of the low-sugar sides, such as the black color beans (less than 1 gram of sugar), and for a snack, the chips and also pico de gallo (2 grams of sugar).

for the salt-sensitive

Our picks: Fresco crunchy taco v beef, or crunchy taco with fire-grilled chicken

If you are watching her salt intake, Taco Bell is most likely not going to be at the peak of her restaurant list; after ~ all, so many of the tasty seasonings come indigenous salt-filled toppings, fillings and grains. The great news is, if you should limit sodium, friend do have actually some options. Your ideal bet is to revolve to the Fresco taco menu, together all Fresco tacos have fewer than 500 milligrams of sodium.

that being said, the lowest of the team by far is the Fresco beef crunchy taco, at 300 milligrams. Though we could recommend a soft taco end crunchy as result of the fat content, we were pleasantly surprised to watch that the crunchy taco shell is basically sodium-free, whereas the soft flour tortilla contributes 190 milligrams of sodium. Similarly, the crunchy taco with fire-grilled chicken contains cheese however has only 280 milligrams of sodium.

Also, as soon as it concerns sauces, the name is the sauce, the much more sodium. For example, a offer of mild border sauce has actually 35 milligrams that sodium, the warm border sauce has 45 milligrams, and also the “fire” border sauce has actually 60 milligrams.

for the gluten-sensitive

Our picks: Fire-grilled chicken or steak strength bowl there is no guacamole, cheese, sour cream and rice; add to chips and guacamole

Taco Bell’s food selection is predominantly flour-based, and the agency does not make any type of gluten-free claims. For this reason if you have celiac disease, Taco Bell is most likely not your finest option for rapid food, together there is the potential for cross-contamination.

If you are looking to avoid gluten, however, over there are choices to pick from. The fire-grilled chicken strength bowl (including rice) contains all gluten-free ingredients. However, with every one of its fillings, its salt count registers at 1,300 milligrams. We don’t intended to punish, really, yet by eliminating tart cream, guacamole, rice and cheese, you still get a protein-rich meal with chicken, beans, romaine, pico de gallo and also the signature avocado ranch sauce for virtually 600 under milligrams (i.e. 730 milligrams).

If you choose grilled steak over chicken, your nutritional worths won’t be affected too much: it will price you 1 more gram of saturation fat and 20 much more milligrams the sodium, yet you will twin your iron intake. Girlfriend can likewise enjoy chips and also guacamole if you space gluten-free, but we recommend share this dish to stop excess sodium.

also worth mentioning: The crunchy taco is gluten-free, due to the fact that it is make from corn and does no contain wheat flour. However, to fill it with any type of protein other than beef, as the seasoned beef is not gluten-free.

because that the athlete

Our picks: Shredded chicken burrito without avocado ranch sauce, or Gordita supreme v steak

The shredded chicken burrito without avocado ranch sauce however with premium Latin rice and also cheddar cheese provides a mix of protein and also carbs, both important for strong, energized muscles, and delivers a healthy dose the performance-boosting iron. We identify that the sodium count is on the greater side, even without the sauce, however we figure that endurance athletes who lose sodium in sweat i will not ~ mind part extra milligrams in their meal.

If you enjoy flatbread, the Gordita supreme v steak is one more iron-rich option that uses a balanced combination of carbs and also protein.

because that the road warrior

Our picks: Grilled steak soft taco, or chicken soft taco

taco are straightforward to grab and also eat ~ above the road. And also there’s no need to take time the end to customize if you’re in a rush to obtain where you’re going. The grilled steak or chicken soft tacos sell a moderate amount of carbs and fat, with a dose of satiating protein for long road trips. Plus, they won’t drive you into sodium overload.

because that the carb-conscious

Our picks: Fire-grilled chicken power bowl without rice, beans and sour cream, or veggie strength bowl there is no rice and also beans

If you room a carbohydrate counter, burritos i will not ~ be on her list in ~ Taco Bell, as most of the burritos height 50 grams of carbs. (The chipotle chicken loader griller is the lowest, at 36 grams). Some of the tacos have actually fewer 보다 15 grams of carbs, such together the Fresco crunchy taco v beef (13 grams).

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but if you are strictly limiting carbs, your best bet is come order the fire-grilled chicken strength bowl without the rice and also beans. It comes through grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, guacamole, cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, reduced-fat cake cream and avocado ranch sauce. (We also recommend skip the sour cream and also saving 2 an ext grams that carbs, 1 gram of saturation fat and 20 milligrams of sodium). If sodium is an issue, we recommend omitted the cheese or guacamole also or selecting the veggie key without rice and beans, which has only 6 grams of carbs.

because that the breakfast lover

Our picks: Breakfast soft taco through egg and also cheese, there is no bacon, or mini skillet bowl

Breakfast meals in ~ Taco Bell, choose the hash brown-containing Crunchwraps and the potato-filled grande scrambler burritos, may sound choose a morning treat, however you’ll pay because that it in milligrams, as they offer more than half a day’s worth of sodium.

However, the breakfast grilled taco v egg and cheese offers a moderate lot of protein and carbs and, at 330 milligrams, is just one of the lowest-sodium items on Taco Bell’s menu. (We wish it was available for lunch, too). We likewise like the mini skillet bowl, through potatoes, scrambled eggs, nacho cheese sauce and pico de gallo, every for under 200 calories.