Taco Bell has been on a mission to you re welcome its most loyal supporters in 2021 by bringing ago fan-favorite food selection items. From Cheesy Fiesta potatoes to the Quesalupa to Flamin’ hot Doritos Locos Tacos, some of the restaurant’s most distinct offerings have appeared ago on the food selection after part time away.

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But those move may have actually just to be preludes come the many recent dish that came earlier to the menu. ~ above July 22, Nacho Fries returned to Taco Bell areas nationwide.

In a press release about the return of Nacho Fries, the company touted them as the best-selling limited-release items in its history, reflecting their enormous popularity. Nacho Fries are basically the McRib of the Mexican-inspired fast-food world.

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The firm went all-out in announcing the return the the item, even creating a 20-page manga following a heroic group referred to as the fried food Force, which the released digital as a totally free PDF. There to be no book written for the return that Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes!

Taco Bell Newsroom

While the return the Nacho Fries is constantly an event, that not specifically a rare one. Because debuting in 2018, the offering has returned come Taco Bell’s menu no under than seven times in 3 years, follow to the company.

The agency has to be mum on as soon as this lover side will leave the menu again however we have the right to use past Nacho Fries release patterns to make an education guess. The last time they appeared on menus to be Dec. 24, 2020 and they went far on march 10, 2021. The was around 11 mainly of deep-fried, nacho-cheesy bliss, which would placed the end of this present promotion in early October.

For this return, Nacho Fries room priced in ~ $1.39 top top their very own or as part of a $5 box with a Beefy Five-Layer Burrito, a Crunchy Taco and also a medium drink. You have the right to either gain them the standard way or in a new Loaded Taco Style, which watch the fries extended in nacho cheese, tart cream and seasoned beef.

Taco Bell Newsroom

No matter which way you bespeak them, friend can’t yes, really lose. But if you occur to miss out on out top top Nacho Fries this time around, don’t issue too much since they’ll most likely be earlier again soon.

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