Taco Bell recently removed part fan-favorite menu items to do room because that some new and exciting enhancements — prefer chicken wings.

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The mexico food chain has actually been testing brand-new crispy chicken wings in Fullerton, California according to Foodbeast. The wings space advertised in ~ Taco Bell's drive-thru and also are defined as  “five-piece crispy chicken wings through spicy ranch sauce.” The sign also states that the bone-in drums and also flats are breaded and flavored through "bold mexican seasoning" because that $4.99.

"We’re constantly innovating and listening come our fans and chicken is just one classification that we’re excited to check out further and put our Taco Bell turn on," Taco Bell stated in a statement come gendergeek.org.

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So far, the wings have only been spotted at the Fullerton location, however it's not unlikely the they'll roll out nationally. Pan that have actually been maybe to acquire their hands on the wings have actually been loving them. YouTube Channel Peep This Out! post a rave evaluation saying "they're fried perfectly, not oily, and also the high quality of the meat is very solid."

Beginning on Thursday Aug. 13, the chain will certainly no longer have actually the Grilled Steak Soft Taco, 7-Layer Burrito, Triple layer Nachos, Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, invited Grillers and also Nachos Supreme.

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The ever-popular Quesarito will additionally be removed, yet from the in-restaurant menu only. It will certainly still easily accessible to stimulate online or via the Taco Bell app for order ahead, a spokesperson because that the firm tells gendergeek.org.

The relocate comes around after Taco Bell shares that they invested "months of examining the new way we space running ours restaurants."

"With safety height of mind, we want to ensure simple and fast ordering suffer for ours guests and team members," lock added. "While some old favorites might be retiring, the ongoing creativity comes from ours Food invention Team is non-stop."

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