The Swedish federal government has determined to reintroduce army conscription - a relocate backed by the country's MPs.

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The decision means that 4,000 men and women will be referred to as up for company from 1 January 2018, a defence set spokeswoman said the

They will certainly be selected from about 13,000 young world born in 1999, that will it is in asked to undergo a army assessment, Marinette Nyh Radebo said.

In September, a swedish garrison was restored to Gotland, a large island lying between the swedish mainland and also the 3 ex-Soviet Baltic states.

Ms Nyh Radebo claimed the go back to conscription was triggered by "the security adjust in our neighbourhood".

"The Russian illegal addition of Crimea , the problem in Ukraine and the increased military activity in our neighbourhood are several of the reasons," she said.

Sweden's conscription remains highly selective, however. The complete obliged to offer is a small portion of an ext than 90,000 Swedes that reach conscription period every year.

The 13,000 that undergo the army tests will be a mixture the volunteers and conscripts. "You are part of the conscript device once you've excellent the test - men and women are treated equally," ms Nyh Radebo said.

The conscripts will certainly serve because that nine come 12 months. The aim is come encourage them one of two people to come to be military professionals or, later, to sign up with the reserves.

Image source, AFP
Image caption, Visby, Gotland: Sweden has actually reinstated a army garrison top top the strategic Baltic island

"If we desire full and also trained armed forces units, the voluntary mechanism needs to it is in complemented by compulsory armed forces service," Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist told sweden public broadcaster SVT.

Ms Nyh Radebo stated that "70% of parliament is behind the decision to strengthen the military and also co-operation through the countries about us".

Sweden and also Finland room not in Nato, however co-operate very closely with the alliance. Their Nordic neighbors Norway and also Denmark room in Nato.


A Swedish government report top top defence top priorities for 2016-2020 states recruitment that reserve squad leaders, soldiers and also sailors has actually "proved to it is in problematic".

It details a variety of measures to rise Swedish armed forces capabilities, citing "the deteriorating security instance in Europe, specifically in irradiate of the Russian aggression versus Ukraine". Depth defence co-operation with Finland is "critical", it says.

According come a 2015 research file by Barbara Kunz of the IFRI protection Studies Center, Sweden has about 52,000 full-time military personnel - 20,000 of them permanent staff and also most the the others house Guard members.

Most the the 28 EU member states abolished military conscription. France and the UK - the main pillars the Nato defence in west Europe - make their equipped forces completely professional (France in 2001, the UK in 1963).

Germany exposed conscription in 2011, yet provision because that it continues to be in the constitution. There is a controversy now around reintroducing some kind of nationwide service.

During the Cold War, national organization meant the West Germany can mobilise 495,000 soldiers and boost the number to about 1.2 million if essential with reservists.

Turkey has the second-largest armed forces in Nato, ~ the us military. Turkey has conscription for all men over the age of 20. They need to serve between six and also 15 months.

Neighbouring Greece - a Nato partner - has actually compulsory military service (nine months) for men from the age of 19. Cyprus - a longstanding resource of Greek-Turkish stress and anxiety - also has conscription.

Denmark and Norway have restricted conscription, but their pressures are overwhelmingly professional. Estonia and Lithuania - little Baltic claims wary that Russian moves near their borders - have comparable recruitment policies.

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Finland yet requires all men from the period of 18 to serve as much as 347 job in the armed forces. Lock are later counted together reserves and can be compelled to take military refresher courses. For women military business is voluntary.

Switzerland operates a militia system, by which men have to serve periods in the armed forces from 19 come 34 years of age, and keep their equipment at home.