It’s tough to believe that numerous generations exist who’ve grown up watching Family Feud, either in its initial ABC days, or in syndication. It’s currently strictly a syndicated present with Steve Harvey as the host. He’s quiet on the heels the the original and most above host, Richard Dawson.

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Forty-four years have passed due to the fact that the present originally debuted v Dawson top top ABC, including a syndicated variation simultaneously. If one just considers Dawson the critical star, it’s precious reiterating the present has seen five other hosts end the years before Harvey began.

Nowadays, many think about Harvey to it is in the second-best organize in the game show’s history. The quantity of year he’s hosted will more than likely surprise you. Also, he’s around to rest the document for Dawson’s time hosting.

It’s been a decade due to the fact that Steve Harvey started hosting ‘Family Feud’


Steve Harvey | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Those who deserve to only remember earlier one decade at a time might remember when Harvey an initial began as Family Feud host after actor man O’Hurley stepped down. Latter had actually hosted the show from 2006-2010 after ~ a string of unexplained hosts in years prior.

At the moment of Harvey taking over, the comedian was recognized primarily for his sitcom and standup comedy tours. Tiny did anyone recognize he’d become one that the most respected and also ubiquitous TV master of the decade and the next.

Not that countless skeptics didn’t think Harvey would ever before surpass the comedic wit that Dawson. Also if Dawson’s well known kisses of females contestants wouldn’t fly in today’s time, he organized the show from 1976 come 1985, climate a quick time earlier in 1994.

In total, it was a decade, currently matching Harvey’s run. It’s in distinguishable comparison to countless of the other prior hosts that were much less popular.

A rapid look ago at prior ‘Family Feud’ hosts since the ’80s

On July 4, 1988, ray Combs became host of ‘Family Feud’

— RetroNewsNow (

The immediate follower to Dawson was comedian beam Combs. This comic had the unfortunate revolve of having to follow Dawson three year after ~ the latter’s exit.

While it maintained the display going for seven more years, no everyone thought Combs was the perfect host. Every the fun and also games didn’t offer the truth of Combs’ fight through depression. That committed suicide two year after his hosting run on Family Feud ended in 1994, v some speak his firing precipitation his mental decline.

This tragedy didn’t keep the present from reviving. In 1999, it to be rebooted again with Louie Anderson together host. Anyone knows Anderson as being a good standup comedian, but not anyone loved the in the Family Feud role.

Richard Karn, john O’Hurley, and Al Roker complied with into the early on 2000s, paving the way to Harvey. Now it all comes down to exactly how long Harvey wants to stick roughly at this iconic game show. Based on how continually famous he is in reacting to absurd situations, it might be one more decade to go.

‘Family Feud’ works as soon as the organize reacts come the hilarious inspection answers

Here's the story of exactly how I got the 'Family Feud' gig. The truth is i say precisely what Y'all room thinking in ~ the house. Someone gives a stunner answer, I contact it crazy!

— Steve Harvey (

As time goes on, the contestants guessing answers come the survey concerns seem to end up being funnier. Generally this happens when celebrity teams room playing, despite it additionally occurs with constant contestants.

Thanks come Harvey being the finest reactor to situations in the people (hence countless memes on social media), he to be born because that this hosting role. More classic moment have currently occurred in the Harvey era that Family Feud than even Dawson had actually in his time there.

How lengthy Harvey will desire to remain will rely on the public’s mood. Since he’s watched virtually almost everywhere the last 5 years, public exhausted is always a risk. Also, through Harvey’s talk present being canceled critical year, it doesn’t median he’s not breakable with his game display duties.

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One have the right to still controversy his Family Feud insignificant is the finest thing he’s law right currently in showing off his affability and comedy skills, every within 30 minutes.