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Ninety percent the NBA players have actually been vaccinated versus COVID-19, yet Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins isn"t part of the group.

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On Monday, Wiggins spoke publicly for the very first time due to the fact that being denied a inquiry for a spiritual exemption indigenous COVID-19 vaccination. Despite the reality that that won"t be able to play in home gamings until he adheres to San Francisco wellness guidelines, the 26-year-old isn"t backing down from his stance.

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"It"s not uncomfortable. I"m confident in my beliefs, what ns think is right, and what i think is wrong," Wiggins said at gold State"s media day. "I"m just gonna keep doing what i believe, whether it"s one thing or another, simply gonna store doing it."

Some that Andrew Wiggins" presser today decreasing to discuss his decision not to gain vaccinated in much information pic.twitter.com/W54QrTuwCC

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Wiggins called reporters that he has obtained nothing however "love and also support" from his teammates, but the Warriors" most important player certain sounds prefer he"s frustrated with Wiggins" refusal to obtain vaccinated.

"At the end of the day, it is up to him. Ns think it"s no an enig to the point," golden State star Stephen Curry said. "We clearly hope the he has actually all the right information, the access to the right resources to ask every the concerns he has on making the decision. Us hope he"s available. Us hope he moves in the appropriate direction. My opinion is, obviously I gained and also am ready to be easily accessible and complying with the mandates and also whatnot. However that"s kind of where it is, and also in the next coming weeks and how it every plays the end is gonna be entirely up to him.

"We obviously hope he"s easily accessible and v us and kind of walk from there. It"s difficult. Everybody"s in a challenging kind of place in that respect, and also we"ve all made decisions the you feel prefer are ideal for you and also your family and also whatever the case is. This is no different, and also whether you agree v him or not, you need to let it play out."

When inquiry if he would consider it "acceptable" to not have a starter easily accessible for half of the 2021-22 constant season, Curry offered a very telling answer.

"Acceptable is a solid word," Curry said. "It"s no ideal, but I don"t think anyone meant to it is in asked that concern on miscellaneous that"s a voluntary decision, ns guess, in a sense. We"ll see. Us hope not. We hope we have actually a complete team for the whole year and also understand that on every accounts, what study says and also things favor that, the it"s safe and also we"re every in the very same boat.

"We expect he"s available, and also if not, we adjust accordingly."

"It"s no ideal."Steph Curry speaks on Andrew Wiggins possibly missing fifty percent of the season if that doesn"t obtain vaccinated. Pic.twitter.com/xWO0PxpIug

— NBA ~ above ESPN (
ESPNNBA) September 28, 2021

Curry to be diplomatic in his response, but it was easy to check out the exasperation top top his face. The information about vaccination has actually been accessible to NBA players for months, and also the warriors reportedly also went so far as to connect Wiggins through an Oakland medical professional to discuss his hesitancy in getting the vaccine. After a conversation with the doctor, he to be still "unmoved in his decision versus vaccination," per the mountain Francisco Chronicle"s Rusty Simmons.

The two-time NBA MVP may understand the an individual nature of the decision, however he likewise sees just how much Wiggins" absence would hurt gold State. In 71 games last season, Wiggins averaged 18.6 points while shooting a career-high 47.7 percent from the field and 38.0 percent native 3-point range. Through Klay Thompson"s specific return date unclear in ~ the moment, the Warriors require Wiggins come take some of the offensive burden off Curry"s shoulders.

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Until he gets vaccinated, though, Wiggins won"t be able to help Curry at all within the chase Center.