Stephen Anthony blacksmith is famously recognized as a sports commentator on the First Taketalk present airing ~ above ESPN, whereby he shows up with Max Kellerman & Molly Qerim.

Smith is famous for his bombastic, fierce, vital & over-the-top praises come the players and also the coach.

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Besides gift a sports commentator, he is also an actor, radio host, and also journalist who has currently spent 30 year in media. Blacksmith is also an NBA analyst for ESPN and also his show called “The Stephen A. Smith Show” top top ESPN radio.

I'm no beauty queen, bro. I don't give a damn. Https://

— Stephen A smith (
stephenasmith) October 12, 2020

Smith is mostly well-known for his outspoken see of the people of sports.New York Time’sRichard Sandomir referred to as smith ‘A fierce, confident and also bombastic personality.’

He is also famous because that his nickname “Screamin’ A. Smith.”

Smith has actually a top quality to reach the end to the audience and also viewer, also those who dislike him and disagree with him. That is quoted as a controversial commentator in sports. An executive, management vice president at sports network ESPN states it is challenging to find a an extremely talented human like Smith.

Stephen blacksmith on ESPN

These room the couple of sides the the very famous sports commentator, but there is beyond that. He has actually many much more exciting things to market to every one of us.

Let’s go through the journey of Stephen A. Blacksmith from being a basketball player in college to gift a controversial sporting activities commentator. Let’s find out the details.

Quick Facts

Full NameStephen Anthony Smith
Birth DateOctober 14, 1967
Birth PlaceThe Bronx, new York, USA
Nick NameScreamin’ A. Smith
EthnicityMixed (African and also American)
EducationWinston-Salem State University
Father’s NameNot available
Mother’s NameJanet Smith
SiblingsFour sisters and one brother
Age54 year old
Height6ft 1inches (1.85 m approx)
Weight70 kg
Shoe SizeNot Available
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Body MeasurementNot available
Marital StatusUnmarried
ProfessionSports journalist, Radio host, Actor
Net Worth16 Million USD
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram
Last UpdateOctober, 2021

Stephen A. Smith | early on Life, Parents, Horoscope

Stephen A. Smith to be born in The Bronx, new York, top top October 14, a an extremely diverse neighborhood. He was born to the mother Janet Smith, and also details around his father space unknown.

Smith’s Parents came from the United states Virgin Islands, and the rumor is that his father to be a baseball star in the 1950s.

Smith spent his childhood in queens with his other 5 siblings; 4 sisters and also one brother. Smith’s maternal grandm is white, and the remainder of the others are black.

In 1992, he shed his just brother, Basil, in a fatal automobile accident. He likewise has a half-brother from his father’s side, whose surname is unknown.

Smith attended cutting board Edison High institution in Queens and graduated from there. ~ graduating native high school, blacksmith enrolled in the Fashion academy of technology for one year.

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Eventually, ~ one year, he obtained a basketball scholarship to to visit Winston-Salem State University, additionally called a black color university.