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Starbucksis infamous for misspelling names that number of incidents have gone viral andthere"s even a Twitter hashtag.

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Below,Starbucks baristasreveal why getting your surname wrong on that Pumpkin spice latte isn"t a malicious prank.Aside indigenous its strange cup dimension names and also seemingly unlimited menu of frozen drinks, Starbucks is probably best known for its i can not qualify to acquire its customers" surname right. The chain is so notorious for it that it has become the communication of a variety of comedy sketches theorizing that they carry out it on purpose.

For anyone through an uncommon name, ordering Starbucks coffee deserve to feel a tiny like the very first day the school. They"re waiting and hoping the barista doesn"t embarrass lock by saying their name wrong as soon as they speak to it out. The can additionally lead to total confusion once drinks are called out because that a human that doesn"t actually exist.

That"s why many civilization not named Dave or Jen prevent potential awkwardness by giving baristas a fake name that"s super-easy because that anyone come spell and also say. "My surname is Kun. Just like fun with a "K,"" stated Kun Yang, a brand-new York City resident. "That"s just how my friends present me. I usage a fake name because I have a name that unfortunately sounds very much like the "C" word."

"Even once baristas gain the spelling right, no one deserve to pronounce it correctly, or refuse come yell it the end loud. Most of them check out it yet they like, and I always miss mine order. It"s frustrating." so Yang now provides her name together Superstar, which she states usually gives human being a good laugh, and she never misses an order in the process.

Yang is not alone however: even popular sports personalities with fifty percent a million Twitter followers confront the same worry at the coffee chain.

—Jemele Hill (
jemelehill) march 26, 2013

So the real concern is, do baristas perform this top top purpose? Is the chain simply playing one lengthy and large prank ~ above coffee drinkers everywhere? no exactly.

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"We have never request or directed any type of of our partners to misspell name of our client for any kind of reason," a Starbucks spokesperson said. "Writing name on cups is a fun tradition born out of the relationship and also interaction in between our employees and also customers. Our aim to do their best when it concerns spelling the names of ours customers, despite at time it can be tricky."

Baristas are also not compelled to ask for the order of her name, i beg your pardon is why it deserve to go therefore haywire once you order. "There"s no actual corporate policy various other than that we ask for her name," stated Tim*, a barista in ~ a Starbucks in Nashville revealed <Editor"s Note: The names of the baristas have been changed>. "We"re not compelled to ask for a spelling. We often do, but it"s hit or miss depending on the person working at the time."

But the main reason baristas obtain your name is dorn is that they are just insanely busy many of the time. "When I have 40 world in line, if i took the time to asking every solitary person top top line how to spell your name, it"s going come get also longer," Lisa*, barista in Dallas noted. Therefore they will to guessing.

"We"re walking to obtain complaints from customers the we"re taking as well long. It"s a matter of expediency,” Lisa said. "It"s regularly a time thing," Tim added. "Especially in the morning as soon as we"ve acquired a line the end the door."

So it"s as much as you —do you want your coffee in a minute or two, or execute you desire your name spelled correctly?

There is one way Starbucks customers have the right to avoid name butchery on their coffee orders. It"s as simple as downloading the Starbucks app. As soon as you put in your credit transaction card info, you can order a drink and also have it appear on the respond to of the keep closest to you, a ar which will inevitably 5 minutes from anywhere in America. By the time you arrive, it"ll be sitting on the counter with her name printed on the sticker exactly as you want it to be spelled since it pulls your name from the app, friend dig?