Starbucks stores space experiencing a shortage of over 25 ingredients favor lemonade, hazelnut syrup, toffee seed syrup, chai tea bags, environment-friendly iced tea, and more

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The coffee large reportedly put 25 item on hold beginning June 4, causing a number of items come come turn off the menu.

According come an interior memo perceived by Business Insider, the "temporary hold," likely brought on by the pandemic, affect ingredients favor their hazelnut syrup, toffee seed syrup, chai tea bags, eco-friendly iced tea, and more. Customers on Twitter have also reported shortages that lemonade, caramel and oat milk.

Though the internal memo was confirmed to Business Insider by three employees in Arizona, Georgia, and Oregon, a Starbucks spokesperson states the specific items out of stock vary from place to location.

"We are experiencing short-lived supply shortages of several of our products," the spokesperson shown to "Specific items will differ by market and store, and also some shop will experience outages of assorted items at the same time."

"We recognize that a visit come Starbucks is critical part of our customer's day and also we apologize for the inconvenience," they continued. "We space working quick and closely through our it is provided chain vendors to restock item as quickly as possible."

Some of the drink that count on the missing ingredients incorporate the Cinnamon Dolce Latte, White chocolate Mocha, and their well-known line of Refreshers, choose the Strawberry Acai and also Mango Dragonfruit drinks.

"The Starbucks shortage has reached NYC. They are literally out of all of my drinks yet still claimed bi rights," tweeted another along with a picture of a tumbler in the bisexual proud flag colors.

Starbucks baristas are encouraging every customers to it is in patient with workers when discovering the news of the shortages.

"PLEASE not YELL in ~ STARBUCKS BARISTAS IF WE run OUT that SOMETHING come MAKE her DRINK!" created one worker on Twitter. "STARBUCKS IS having actually A SHORTAGE on ITEMS and also WE (BARISTAS) have actually NO manage OVER IT! thank YOU!"

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