Fans of90 job Fiancé are already familiar with Darcey and Stacey Silva. The pair sisters began their rise to call on the romance-focused truth show, however they space now expanding their show business presence through a new reality show.

But viewers have noticed something about Stacey that has them wonder what’s going on.

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From ’90 job Fiancé’ come their very own show


Stacey Silva, Tee Ashira-hobson and Darcey Silva | Jesse Grant/WireImage

The world an initial met Darcey on 90 job Fiancé: before the 90 Days, when she was date Dutch model Jesse Meester. The match didn’t turn out to it is in a lasting love connection, because of Meester’s infidelity and the couple’s general instability. However the show did put Darcey and her pair sister Stacey in the limelight, for this reason it’s same to speak the sisters found at least one type of love.

The pair are well-known for excessive twinning. They grew up wearing corresponding clothes, and they went on to obtain married and also have children at the exact same time. Then they both acquired divorced ~ above the very same day.

Last month the sisters launched their very own reality show,Darcey & Stacey, and also it’s already delivering the drama. Stacey is involved to a man from Albania dubbed Florian Sukaj, and there are hints that he may have actually been unfaithful.

While fans space waiting to view the fate of the two’s relationship, some have actually noticed something else about Stacey: her sons are nowhere to it is in seen.

Where are Stacey Silva’s sons?

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Stacey was formerly married to a football player native Serbia, Goran Vasic. They had actually two sons together, Parker and also Mateo, before their divorce. If Darcey’s 2 daughters, Aniko and Aspen show up on-camera regularly, Stacey’s boy are practically never seen. 

This can be composed off together being the selection of a mother who wants to be protective of her children’s privacy other than for one thing: she didn’t it seems to be ~ to have actually a trouble with reflecting them off in the past.

Back in 2010, the sisters had actually plans to it is in in an additional reality show based on their lives. CalledThe twin Life, it took place before their eerily timed divorces.

It never made it to television, but they did movie a pilot episode. And also in the episode, the entirety family is watched on camera. The twins, their husbands, and also all four youngsters are shown. Therefore what changed?

What us know around the boys

The pair Life to be canceled before it could take off because the women’s marriages fell apart quickly after the pilot to be filmed. Since their divorce, according to Distractify, Stacey’s young are hardly ever seen on screen, and also people think it might be due to the fact that Goran prefers to save their lives an ext private.

Because the boys room so seldom seen top top camera and their mom and also dad space both circumspect around what lock share on social media once it comes to their sons, we know very small about them. It’s clear the they are usually the same eras as Darcey’s daughters, due to the fact that the sister are known to have had actually their kids at approximately the same time, but the girls’ exact eras aren’t known.

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Stacey shared a picture of her older son, Mateo last year, saying the he’s one aspiring filmmaker and also writer, and also his dad common a couple of pictures of the on facebook last month, on the chance of his 17th birthday.The two boys are preserved out that the limelight so lot that it’s not even clear if Stacey has actually custody the them.

At the very least one of the boys’ parents and maybe both the them space doing their finest to defend their boy from the public view. That course, that does bring up a question: just how private can their stays be as soon as their mother is on television and also such an open book?