That relies on her L&O proclivities. If you enjoy a heavy crime-o’-the-week episode, better luck following week. If girlfriend were trying to find an exciting and emotionally messy ripping-open that the interpersonal mess left after ~ El abruptly retired from the brand-new York Police room in Season 12, this was your Christmas.

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The hour to be the an initial half that a crossover event that led into the premiere ofLaw & Order: organized Crime, the spinoff that complies with Chris Meloni’s Stabler together he works through a various unit the the NYPD. Check out on because that a recap the theSVU episode, title “Return that the Prodigal Son” (heh), and then go below to check out our recap the Organized Crime‘s debut.

The episode opens with Olivia driving in the rain, rushing to a crime scene. Fin calls, wondering wherein she is, since everyone’s wait for her at the station. “You’re the guest of honor,” he speak her. Remember that award she was getting? She renders her apologies, telling him she’ll present up once she can. Once arrives at the scene, i beg your pardon is a car bombing, she very first notices that among the victims — who’s being loaded right into an ambulance — is Kathy Stabler. And also when Liv hears someone calling her name, she turns and also whispers, “Elliot?”

Yep, it’s him. The former partners walk toward each other, staring at every other’s encounters as despite they can’t quite believe they’re real. “They make the efforts to kill her,” Stabler finally says, rather in shock. “They do the efforts to death Kathy.” This display is NOT. WASTING. ANY. TIME. Let’s go!

At the hospital, Fin fills Olivia in. The bomb remained in a rental car. Apparently the Stablers have been living in Italy, since Elliot is the brand-new York City Police Department’s worldwide liaison (!) in Rome (!!). (Liv speaks for every one of us once she says, “Since when?”) He’s in city for a department meeting, yet Kathy came v him to do it a trip. And off a tip from Fin, they were planning on attending the party to celebrate Liv’s award.

While Liv is waiting external the hospital, El comes out: Kathy is in turbulent shape, but she’s still alive. “Tell me she’s walking to it is in OK,” he states brokenly. “Kathy’s a fighter. You recognize that,” she replies. Climate Stabler’s children Kathleen and also Dickie show up; they’re surprised to see their dad’s old partner, but they conveniently go inside.

The squad easily nabs a suspect at an anti-police demonstration near the bombing. So normally Stabler reflects up in ~ the precinct, easily meets everyone who’s showed up because he left and begs Benson come let him interrogate the guy. “Liv, I provide you mine word, I’ll behave,” the says. Of course it’s a damaging idea. Of food Stabler is much too angry and involved to be anywhere near the suspect. And of COUUUUUURSE he’s virtually decking the man by — I kid you no — 15 minutes into the episode. It’s glorious. Only Liv stepping directly into El’s route stops him and also his rolled-up shirtsleeves from clocking the guy right into next week.

Olivia is ripping into her previous partner top top the roof as soon as Dickie reflects up: Kathy is awake. And also what’s more, the suspect shot his mouth off so lot that Carisi & Co. Recognize that the wasn’t behind the auto bomb. In ~ the hospital, Kathy can’t remember anything around the incident and is little more than a pile of splintered bones and pooling inner bleeding, however even SHE doesn’t desire to discuss anything other than the elephant in the room. “You yes, really didn’t talk for 10 years?” she asks. Liv confirms the she didn’t also know Stabler was working for the pressure again. “That’s what Elliot told me. I didn’t think him,” Kathy says, beginning to cry.

Later, in the wait room, Stabler apologizes for obtaining out of regulate during the interrogation… and a many more. “Are friend sorry for leaving, or space you sorry because that walking, because that not offering me the courtesy of telling me?” she says. “Both,” he replies. We space DOING THIS. They’re both almost crying together she phone call him out for the way he departed (“I had actually to find out from Cragen”) and how abandoned she feel in the aftermath. “You to be the most, singlemost necessary person in mine life, and you just disappeared,” she says, voice low. “I know,” that says, eye wet. “I was afraid if i heard your voice, i wouldn’t have actually been able to leave.” Forget Kathy: I to be THE ONE WHO can BE DYING.

During drinks with Fin, Elliot runs v his recent whereabouts. He went top top a “walkabout” because that a couple of years, then functioned private protection overseas, then rejoined the NYPD in his liaison duty four years ago. He’s got much more to perform in new York, including testifying at a attempt of part minor players he picked up in Puglia, Italy, a couple of months before. Fin also gives Liv a quick review of Liv’s personal life over the critical decade, including the truth that she has a son and also has had actually a couple of severe relationships. “Who’s the guy?” El wonders, yet Fin smiles and says he’ll need to ask Liv around that.

But enough levity! Kathy is going right into cardiac arrest! She at some point stabilizes, yet we obtain the point: There’s no insurance Elliot’s various other wife (yeah, I stated it) is going to pull through this. Back at the station, Rollins asks Benson if she and also Kathy were friends. “Over time, we got real close,” Liv says, since holding someone’s neck steady while they’re simultaneously in job and a vehicle accident really bonds you.

The examination is continuing, but honestly, I’m just living because that the next Stabler/Benson scene. Yet Rollins and Kat track under the male who actually placed the bomb in the car, and he hinted the it was a project for hire. And then there’s part legal stuff happening yet — oh wait, Stabler is calling Liv and also she’s gaining a terrible look on her face…

She reflects up in ~ the hospital, whereby El is staring at Kathy’s empty bed. She’s dead. As Olivia approaches, he turns to her and collapses onto she shoulder, beginning to sob. Liv embraces him, murmuring “I’m sorry” together he falls apart.

When that recovers a bit, we find out that Kathy’s spleen ruptured, and also she died in surgery. “I didn’t obtain to to speak goodbye,” that says. “We to be happy.” Oof. As he prepares to speak to his youngsters — including Eli, who’s in Rome — he provides Liv promise that Kathy’s killer will certainly go down. That’s walking to it is in tough, though, due to the fact that the doubt they had in custody turns up dead in his prison cell; who made that look choose an overdose. However that’s where it ends for SVU: Garland educates Liv that the case is gift taken out of your hands.

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Meanwhile, in ~ the hospital chapel, Stabler hugs Dickie and also Kathleen, crying, when Olivia watch on.

Next thing we know, it’s a brand-new day, and Stabler is flashing his badge at the courthouse and interrogating the two poor guys indigenous Puglia in Italian (it’s hot), whom he to trust were affiliated in Kathy’s death. Climate he cautions them the they’re dead men, and also we’re out!

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