Sport Clips price & Services

Sport Clips prices are really affordable and highly reasonable because that the facilities and also services they offer.

Cool hairstyles, animating cleansers, warm vapor towels and also neck and also shoulder treatments are the distinctive features of sports Clips. The shop is equipped through a committed beautician,


How around we furthermore take a look in ~ the Sport Clips prices and discover exactly how things charge up here.

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Sport Clips prices | services & its Cost

Sport Clips prices For Hair Cut

Sport Clips Prices because that Junior (10 and Under)


Sport Clips prices For Senior (65 and above)


Sport Clips prices For Men and Women


Sport Clips prices For  Triple play

Haircut, steamed Towel, Massaging Shampoo$22.00

Sport Clips prices For MVP

Haircut, steam Towel, Massaging Shampoo, Neck & Shoulder Massage$25.00

Sport Clips Prices for Extra Innings (Other Services)

Complimentary Neck Trim
Visit in-between haircuts.
Beard DetailingVaries

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Sport Clips prices Overview

Looking at sport Clips Prices, it seems that they have something special for everyone, such as sport Clips hair cut prices for children ten years and also under is $ 15.00, while it is $ 17.00 because that Seniors.Sport Clips Prices because that Mem and Women is $ 19.00

Apart native this, the price of Triple play of sport Clips space as follows

Haircut, steam Towel, Massaging Shampoo – $ 22.00Double – $ 27.00Triple – $ 32.00

Sport Clips MVP Prices

Haircut, steamed Towel, Massaging Shampoo, Neck & Shoulder

Massage – 25.00Double – 30.00Triple – 35.00

Sports Clips Appointment

If you want to begin your beauty journey with sports Clips, Sports Clips Haircuts, the country’s leading men and boys hair care provider, celebrate its customer appreciation promo by saying “thank you” to clients.

Sports Clips client who inspect online, sports Clips v the mobile app or voice activation space happy to know that from 5th April, lock will get $5 off from double MVP haircut service.

If girlfriend are trying to find an appointment with the sports Clips website or on the Sports Clips application, you execute not need an appointment.

You can select your stylist only when you check the Sports Clips Appointment online. As soon as checked in, you will certainly be given an approximated time of her arrival in ~ the store, and also your first name and last name are noted on the wallboard mounted near the initial front counter.

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Sport Clips Hours

Monday10:00 AM–7:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM–7:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM–7:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM–7:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM–7:00 PM
Saturday9:00 AM–6:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM–5:00 PM

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Sport Clips near Me Location

FAQs around Sport Clips Prices

1. What is The sport Clips because that Junior Varsity Haircut Price?

The sport Clips for Junior Varsity Haircut Price is $15.00

2. What is The sport Clips For an elderly Varsity Haircut Price?

The sport Clips For an elderly Varsity Haircut Price is $17.00

3. What is The sport Clips because that Triple pat Price?

Sport Clips for Haircut, steam Towel, Massaging Shampoo Price is $22.00Sport Clips For twin Price is $27.00Sport Clips for Triple Price is $32.00

4. Just how much execute you reminder at sport Clips?

If you favor cuts top top sport clips, you can tip at least 15 percent. Or, if you like their cut and also want come build fantastic long-term partnership with the hairstylist, you have the right to give more tips.

5. Is Supercuts much better than sports clips?

Both supercuts or sports clips are best for you. Supercuts and also sports clips space rated the greatest for culture; for more information, you have the right to compare the 2 by comparing firm reviews, salaries, and also ratings.

6. Execute they wash your hair at sports clips?

Yes! if we specialization in haircuts for men and also boys on sport Clips, us can likewise cut and also wash women’s hair.

Please note that we carry out not give any color or chemical therapy inside the hair, just for washing and cutting.

7. Exactly how much does sports clips pay an hour?

Sports clips pay for an hour as follows.

Hair Stylist earnings – 346 wages reported $ 12 / hrHair Stylist salaries – 113 earnings reported $ 11 / hrStylist salaries – 106 salaries reported $ 11 / hrAssistant Manager salaries – 75 wages reported $ 12 / hr.

8. Carry out they trim beards at sporting activities clips?

The moustache trims in the sport clips are an extremely well done, providing high-quality products to assist keep the mustache robust, safe, and maintained.

9. Exactly how does inspect in job-related at sports clips?

Customers will certainly go come the key page to check the work-related on the sporting activities clips and also after permitting the location or pin code to be identified, view the option to pick their favorite store from the map and select the check-in button.


Check the end this article which gives complete information about Sport Clips Prices.

right here I have point out a table which mirrors all the solutions you acquire with the price.

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Disclaimer: sports Clips Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from miscellaneous sources favor online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by its location or might not it is in current. To confirm present pricing, please contact your neighborhood Sport Clips.