Growing up, walk you enjoy stargazing with your old man? Or possibly you have wondered exactly how Neil Armstrong feel walking ~ above the moon. For this reason what if you can’t walk outer an are right now. Girlfriend can always go on an expedition by the town hall NASA TV and catch a glimpse that space. All you need is the NASA channel top top Spectrum cable. Desire to know all around it? Hop on!

History of NASA TV

When it was launched, this network was referred to as NASA Select. NASA official operates it. No all cable TV providers bring NASA TV since the content aired ~ above the network is the us government’s work. However if you have Charter’s cable plan, you would be happy to watch NASA TV on Spectrum.

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The network official came right into being in the 1980s. The primary purpose was to provide NASA managers and also engineers through real-time videos the the missions. The network has plenty of education programs together with live coverage of a number of man and robotic missions and some domestic and also international launches.

You would certainly be dazzling to capture press conferences, ISS occasions like spacewalks, and also even live rocket launches. The pre-recorded educational programs room fun to watch, together well.

How to watch NASA Channel ~ above Spectrum?

If you room wondering exactly how to watch NASA TV on your Spectrum cable, then inspect your Spectrum channel overview to discover the channel number. To watch this network, make certain your cable plan covers NASA. Because that instance, if you have actually Spectrum Triple Play basic package, it covers exploration Channel however not NASA TV.

People living in various states might have a various channel number for NASA TV. Uncover your channel number below:

City/StateChannel #
Albertville, AL22
Clarksburg, WV12

NASA TV Channel Variants

NASA TV has actually three channel variations. The general public channel, media channel, and also NASA TV UHD. Let’s view what they room all about:

Public Channel

This is the 24-hour live transfer of formerly recorded documentaries as an occasion for the basic public. Various other programmings are connected to an are and scientific research for schools and museums.

Media Channel

The media channel broadcasts news. It functions PR videos, interviews, and also mission push conferences.


It’s the Ultra-HD version of NASA TV donate by a an are act agreement. It airs contents from the archives of NASA.

Apart from this three key variations, girlfriend will uncover a channel on NASA TV’s website featuring live footage from the ISS, giving you all the understanding on those happening.

Top program to watch on NASA TV

For a room lover, there are loads of programs to watch on NASA ~ above Spectrum TV. It’s encourage to keep an eye on the scheduled programming on the channel’s main website to setup your day. The way, you won’t be missing out top top the juicy content. Still, if you would choose the names of the top-grossing programs, here is what you must see:

NASA Gallery

This isn’t a program, it’s a gallery featuring photos and videos native NASA’s history. It’s available on NASA TV’s website. The gallery consists of amazing imagery from planet observatory, Jet propulsion lab, NASA Armstrong aircraft, pictures from assorted missions, astronomy pictures, and also so lot more.


It’s a video podcast trying out the missions, projects, and also technologies emerged by NASA. Come this date, there space over 2000 vodcasts, and each one is exciting. It’s great for recording an inside look at the on-going jobs throughout the joined States. You might too catch an individual interviews of famous engineers and scientists working at NASA. The best part is you have the right to download the vodcasts native the website or iTunes to clock them even when you room on the go. Hand down, the programming right here is an ext exciting 보다 what’s obtainable on examination Discovery.

NASA 360

This is one more vodcast occurred in partnership through the nationwide Institute the Aerospace. This display has to be aired on an ext than 450 TV stations. Interestingly, the also available to cruising and airlines. This 30mintues podcast is obtainable for download ~ above NASA’s website. It’s right now in its 10th season, which way you won’t be running out of contents anytime soon.

The function of this vodcast was to encourage more and more people to pursue careers in mathematics, science, engineering, and technology. The show explains NASA’s duty in transforming life on exactly how the new technologies being developed, i beg your pardon we usage in our daily lives. These include sporting equipment, lithium-ion batteries, aircraft security equipment, medical innovations, and also so much more.

Everything on the vodcast is completed through hand-held cameras. No doubt, young and also adult audience alike room baffled by its content.

Mission Control

Mission regulate at NASA is a basic responsible because that managing an are lights native the suggest of launch until the landing and also the finish of the mission. To clock the mission is in progression at NASA’s currently, this is a perfect routine to track in to.


NASA TV has regulated to score 2 Emmy Awards, which is a validation that there’s a ton of content to watch. Careful since once you start watching NASA top top Spectrum TV, you would be obsessed through the programming. If girlfriend cannot discover the channel number ~ above your present package, call Spectrum customer support for help.

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In situation you don’t have NASA TV on her plan, climate you might want to explore Spectrum cable packages and also upgrade her cable tier to capture everything going on in external space.