History that the death Penalty

All executions were brought out by hanging until 1947, as soon as George Sitts was executed through electrocution. Executions since 1976 have actually used lethal injection.

Famous capital Cases

The an initial person executed by the government in the land that is currently South Dakota to be Jack McCall, the male convicted of death Wild bill Hickok. The execution happened in 1877.

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The second person enforcement in the land the is currently South Dakota was cutting board Egan, who was judge of killing his wife. He to be “hanged” 3 times top top the 13th the July 1882; the rope damaged on the first attempt, and on the second attempt the rope did no break his neck. Just on the 3rd attempt did the execution go together planned. Years later, his stepdaughter admitted come committing the crime when she was on her death bed.

In 2001, Elijah web page and Briley Piper pleaded guilty to the torture-murder of Chester Allan Poage. They were both sentenced to death by a judge. Darrell Hoadley chose come plead innocent to the murder and was judge by a jury. Despite he was uncovered to have the exact same aggravating factors against him, a break-up sentencing jury brought about him receiving life in prison. Page chose to finish his appeals and also was enforcement in 2007. Piper tested his death sentence and had his fatality sentence vacated. The is scheduled to be re-sentenced by a jury in July of 2011.

Milestones in Abolition/Reinstatement

Fourteen human being were executed in what is currently South Dakota before the fatality penalty to be abolished in the state in 1915.

The death penalty to be reinstated, with execution by electric chair together the just method, in 1939. One person, George Sitts in 1947, was executed prior to the death penalty was found to be unconstitutional by the United says Supreme Court in 1972.

Other exciting Facts

In 1984, south Dakota law was changed to administer for execution by lethal injection.

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South Dakota Badlands. Photograph by Travis Schultze.



South Dakota Execution Totals since 1976

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