As parents throughout the nation prepare come head back to school, questions around mask mandates linger. Countless moms and also dads room wondering: Does mine child must wear a mask because that school? What space the rules because that masks this year?

Ahead the the 2021-2022 school year, the Centers for disease Control and Prevention updated its guidance for K-12 schools: due to the highly infectious delta different of COVID-19, wearing masks at home is recommended for periods 2 and also older, nevertheless of vaccination status.

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But no all states have actually mandated masks in schools. Here"s a look at the school mask rule on a state-by-state basis. We"ll save updating this story, but since the case keeps changing around the country, please inspect with your institution or institution district because that the latest.


There is no statewide mandate, however the Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Bessemer and Opelika school systems have said the masks will be required for students.

“Here is the truth: close up door businesses will certainly not loss COVID-19. Wearing masks will not loss COVID-19. And also keeping our students native in-classroom discovering will no defeat COVID-19,” Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey composed in a Washington short article opinion piece. “The great news is we have something that has proved beneficial — safe and effective vaccines, which were developed in document time.”


There is no statewide mandate, but following guidance indigenous the CDC, the Anchorage college District will need masks.

"The scientific research tells united state the brand-new variant is highly contagious, is circulating around the globe, and also is in ~ a high rate in ours community," Anchorage institution District Superintendent Deena Bishop stated in a letter come parents.



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Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey banned mask mandates previously this summer, yet some schools have actually chosen come defy his order. Alhambra Elementary institution District, Brophy university Preparatory, Creighton school District, Littleton Elementary institution District, Madison institution District, Osborn school District, Phoenix Elementary school District, Phoenix Union High school District, Roosevelt Elementary college District, Salpointe Catholic High School, and Washington Elementary school District will certainly all require masks because that back-to-school.


Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed a legislation in April prohibiting colleges from request masks, however is now working to lift that ban to permit schools come mandate confront masks.

“Everything has adjusted now,” Hutchinson said the linked Press. “And, yes, in hindsight, i wish that it had not become law.”


California will call for all students come wear masks.

"Masking is a straightforward and reliable intervention that does no interfere through offering complete in-person instruction," California health and wellness & human being Services agency Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly said. "At the outset the the brand-new year, college student should be able to walk into school there is no worrying about whether they will feel various or singled the end for being vaccinated or unvaccinated — treating all youngsters the exact same will support a calm and supportive school environment."



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There is no statewide mask mandate because that schools, but Denver and Jeffco Public colleges will call for masks.


An executive mask mandate for schools continues to be in impact until Sept. 30, and a new order native Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont stated that the state"s room of publicly Health and Department of education and learning are in the procedure of reviewing and, if necessary, updating statewide policies requiring masks in schools.

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Pediatrics association proposal in-school masks for all amid COVID-19 surge

July 20, 202102:31


Delaware will call for all students come wear masks.

"There"s no higher priority than acquiring all Delaware children back in your classrooms permanent this fall,” Gov. Man Carney claimed in a written statement. “This consistent, statewide strategy will aid students, educators and staff go back to school safely and also without disruption."


There is no statewide mask mandate. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis claimed requiring students come wear masks “lacks a well-grounded clinical justification” in an executive, management order the prohibits institution COVID-19 safety protocols from violating Floridians" parental rights to make health treatment decisions for your children. DeSantis" office additionally said salaries of officials who require masks because that students may be withheld.

Despite DeSantis" executive order, Palm Beach, Orange, Broward, Duval and also Hillsborough county Schools have all announced the masks will certainly be required for the 2021-2022 college year.



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There is no statewide mask mandate in Georgia.

"Georgia will not lock down or impose statewide mask mandates," Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp tweeted in late July. However, Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance bottoms issued an stimulate requiring challenge masks because that the city of Atlanta, which includes 103 institution sites.


Hawaii will need all students come wear masks.

"Correct and consistent mask use is a core vital strategy to assist prevent and slow the spread out of COVID-19 in schools and also the community. When human being wear a mask correctly and consistently, they safeguard others and also themselves," the Hawaii department of education website reads.


Idaho school mask mandates differ from district to district. Boise college District has reinstated a mask mandate.

“We recognize from last institution year that confront masks work to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” Boise college Board chairman Dave Wagers said in a explain in beforehand August. “We’re disappointed that we have actually been forced to take what feels favor a step backwards, yet our height priority is providing students with a high-quality education in a safe and also effective learning environment.”



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Illinois will need all students to wear masks.

"Given our current trajectory in hospitalizations and also ICU usage, we have actually a minimal amount the time right currently to stave turn off the highest possible peaks that this rise going right into the fall," Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker stated in a statement.


There is no statewide mask mandate, yet some institution districts have made the decision to have actually students stay masks, including better Clark ar Schools, south Bend neighborhood School Corporation and also Richmond neighborhood Schools.


There is no statewide mandate in Iowa concerning masks in schools.

"I think in local control, and also the can be fried local control is letting the parents and students do their very own decisions in regards to their health," Iowa state Rep. Holly Brink, who worked on the law preventing schools to set mask mandates, claimed in a statement come KCCI.


There is no statewide mandate regarding masks in colleges in Kansas. Wichita publicly Schools, i beg your pardon enrolls nearly 10% of the state"s K-12 students, will only encourage, however not require, students and also staff to wear masks.


“We have changed in the blink of one eye, indigenous a quiet, calm state come a horribly inflamed state,” State health and wellness Commissioner Dr. Steven ridge said. “Our recommendation mirrors the CDC, i beg your pardon is flat and simple. Anyone in the K-12 setup in indoors spaces should wear a mask. Period.”


On Aug. 2, Louisiana Gov. Man Bel Edwards reinstated a statewide mask mandate which calls for everyone, regardless of vaccination status, come wear masks indoors, including in schools.


There is no a statewide mask mandate in Maine, yet Maine"s largest school district is planning come make global masking a requirement for all students. The school board will vote on new rules top top Aug. 17.

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There is no statewide mask mandate for colleges in Maryland, but Anne Arundel, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Calvert, Charles, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery, Prince George"s and also St. Mary’s ar Public schools will all start the college year attract masks.


In Massachusetts, mask mandates will be left up to individual college districts, regardless of a July 30 joint memorandum native the state"s room of primary school and secondary Education and Department the Public wellness that recommended masking.

"This fall, DESE and DPH strong recommend the all student in kindergarten through grade 6 stay masks as soon as indoors, except students who cannot perform so as result of medical conditions or behavioral needs," the memorandum read. "DESE and also DPH also strongly recommend that unvaccinated staff in every grades, unvaccinated students in grades 7 and above, and also unvaccinated tourists wear masks indoors."


Michigan’s room of Health and also Human solutions released COVID-19 guidelines the strongly encourage the wearing of masks in schools, yet there is no a statewide mandate and also districts continue to be divided. Detroit public School neighborhood District issued a mask mandate on Aug. 9.



The state the Minnesota walk not require masks in schools, however state health and education public official recommend schools districts mandate at home mask put on in their many recent guidance because that reopening schools.

In accordance with the CDC, the state"s guide reads, "Universal indoor masking is recommended for all human being in the school setup (ages 2 years and also older), consisting of teachers, staff, students, and visitors to schools, nevertheless of vaccination status."


There is not a statewide mask mandate for students in Mississippi, though part districts throughout the state will require challenge coverings for the 2021-2022 college year.

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves claimed in so late July the CDC"s updated guidance top top mask wearing "has naught to carry out with reasonable science."


Missouri go not have actually a statewide mask mandate and also the state"s to update guidelines recommend the “policies regarding masks have to be made in ~ the discretion that the local boards of education.”


Montana walk not have a statewide mask mandate, but has recommended global indoor masking for every students.


There is no statewide mandate in Nebraska for masks in schools. Omaha public Schools, the largest public college district in the state, will call for students to wear masks indoors, as will certainly the Lincoln, grand Island, Ralston and Westside districts. In the Millard, Papillion La Vista and Bellevue institution districts, masks are optional.


"At this point, there is no need for student to be wearing masks. The number are simply that low," brand-new Hampshire Gov. Kris Sununu told NBC Boston in July. "The CDC and also pediatric groups are informing that all kids have to wear masks. We"re no at that place here in brand-new Hampshire. We"re yes, really not."

New Jersey

New Jersey will call for all students to wear masks.

“We understand that college student learn ideal in a classroom setup and stay committed to having our schools open up for full-time, in-person accuse this fall,” brand-new Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy stated in a composed statement. “While this announcement gives us no pleasure, I recognize that by taking this precaution we can keep ours schools open while likewise keeping our kids safe.

New Mexico

The brand-new Mexico Public education and learning Department"s to update guidance claims that middle and high school students will not be required to undertake masks if lock are totally vaccinated. Masks will be forced for students at the elementary schools regardless of inoculation status.

New York

New York will require all students come wear masks, and also all staff will certainly be forced to obtain vaccinated or send to weekly COVID-19 testing.

North Carolina

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper "strongly advises" that college leaders adopt the mask indict outlined in the StrongSchoolsNC Public health Toolkit the was updated to reflect CDC recommendations, however there is not a official mandate in place.


"It is government’s function to guide the publicly by providing them the science, facts, and data to do their own educated decisions. I will not be issuing any statewide directive one of two people requiring or prohibiting masks in our schools," phibìc Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem tweeted. "Changing CDC indict don’t aid ensure the public’s trust. I suppose our colleges to remain focused on in-person finding out for student this fall."


Ohio will not concern a statewide mask mandate because that schools, and also Gov. Mike DeWine has actually reiterated the the state"s college guidelines surrounding COVID-10 mitigation efforts are references — not mandates. Regardless of this, the Columbus, Cleveland and Akron public school districts will mandate masks for every students and also staff this fall regardless of their inoculation status.


There is no statewide mask mandate for colleges in Oklahoma.

"This is about an individual responsibility," Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt said at a push conference in Tulsa in late July. "This is about freedoms."


Oregon will need masks in institutions statewide.

"My priority is come ensure our youngsters are able come safely return to full time in-person finding out this fall, 5 days every week and with minimal disruptions," Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said in a statement. "With many kids still ineligible to it is in vaccinated, masks space an effective method to help keep our children safe in the classroom, the learning environment we know serves lock best."


"State law now prohibits school administrators native requiring students to wear a mask. The basic Assembly agreed with me — and also that decision is currently left as much as the parents," Gov. Henry McMaster tweeted. "The Delta different poses a genuine threat to southern Carolinians. However, shutting our state down, close up door schools and mandating masks is no the answer. Personal responsibility is."

South Dakota

Although there is no statewide mask mandate, the Brookings, Huron, Mitchell, fast City, Sioux drops O’Gorman, Sioux falls Christian, Vermillion and Yankton institution districts will all require masks because that back-to-school.


There is no statewide mask mandate because that schools. Tennessee education and learning Commissioner penny Schwinn stated masks room a "local decision" during a July 26 visit to Lowrance K-8 institution in Shelby County.


There is no statewide mask mandate in Texas. Gov. Greg Abbott has actually prohibited mask mandates in schools and also government buildings, and also any capacity borders or vaccine mandates.

“I’m thankful that there are civilization who are willing come sacrifice and wear masks again to defend the unvaccinated,” Gov. Spencer Cox said. “I gotta be honest with you, ns don’t understand if I’m one of those people. I"m yes, really tired. I"m yes, really done v it."


Vermont public Radio reported that Gov. Phil Scott announced his intentions for youngsters to go ago to institution with masks, regardless of inoculation status, yet that when the state get 80% vaccination status for eligible students, masks will just be required for the unvaccinated.

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On Aug. 12, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam issued a universal mask mandate because that K-12 schools.

“We all share the very same goal of keeping our institutions open and keeping ours students safe,” claimed Gov. Northam in a news release announcing the mandate. “That’s why the general Assembly passed this regulation with overwhelming bipartisan support. This Public health and wellness Order makes it an extremely clear the masks are compelled in every indoor K-12 settings, and Virginia expects all schools to comply. I’m grateful to the occupational of the general Assembly and also the health and wellness Department, and I look front to a safe start to the college year.”