Named as one of the biggest stars of standard Hollywood Cinema by the American film Institute, Sophia Loren"s career spans over 7 decades, and the actress reflects no indicators of stopping anytime soon. In her late 80s, Loren depicted Madame rose in the 2020 Italian film "The Life Ahead." Netflix also released a brief film documentary about the actor"s tradition in 2021, title "What would Sophia Loren Do?" 

Since the begin of she career, the Italian has been a trailblazer for international actors making the in Hollywood (via Biography). Her power in Vittorio De Sica"s "Two Women" in 1961 earned she an Academy compensation for best Actress, via the Oscars website, marking the first time a foreign actor or actress won an Oscar for a foreign-language performance. She"s additionally won five golden Globes, one Honorary Award in ~ the Academy Awards, and 12 David di Donatello Awards (via IMDb).

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Outside of Hollywood, her time off-screen has actually been simply as successful. Loren has two sons v her so late husband Carlo Ponti Sr., that she married in 1957 (via the Independent). They summary annulled their marriage in 1962, together Ponti"s divorce v his first wife, Giuliana, was illegal. However, they ongoing to live together and also eventually got re-married in 1966. They remained together till Ponti passed away in 2007.

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Sophia Loren and also Carlo Ponti had two sons together, Carlo Ponti Jr. And Edoardo Ponti. As soon as she became pregnant with she older son, Carlo Jr., she wasn"t afraid the her career could end after ending up being a mother. "Nothing mattered come me yet my baby. If necessary, I would certainly have offered up my work to have actually a child," the actress created in the book "Women and also Beauty" (via Closer Weekly).

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She would certainly go on to explain motherhood together being "the greatest duty of life." as Loren created in her memoir, "Nothing, not also winning one Oscar, can compete with the pleasure and also sense of achievement it has provided me. ... For me, nothing might substitute motherhood." 

Both the Loren"s sons have been very successful in their own right, through Carlo Jr. Having a effective career together an orchestra conductor and Edoardo complying with his mom into show organization as a director. He also directed his mother in "The Life Ahead."

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As because that Sophia Loren"s four grandchildren, she"s as proud that them as she is of her two sons. "I live for my family," she called Al Roker top top "Today" in 2016. "I have actually the most beautiful grandchildren that i have ever before seen in mine life."

And she"d lot prefer to spend time through them fairly than act full time. "My household is united. I am affluent from the bear of these 4 grandchildren," she told IndyStar. "In mine life, I constantly took care of mine family. I constantly wanted a unified family," explaining just how she came from a broken home with little to no family other than her mother and grandparents.

"My dream to be to have actually a great family, to have a good husband that loved me for all my life, which ns did," the actress explained, adding, "And my two sons, they room magic kids for me. Ns am a really happy woman."