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FOX News and also select local FOX affiliates join SLING TV"s complimentary "Stay in & SLING!" initiative

- FOX News included to SLING TV"s lineup of totally free news channels with continuous coverage the COVID-19 crisis

- neighborhood FOX affiliates in 18 markets included in cost-free experience

- obtainable at on popular web browsers and via the SLING TV app on Roku, Android and Amazon devices


ENGLEWOOD, Colo., march 19, 2020 / -- FOX News and also select local FOX affiliates this particular day joined SLING TV"s "Stay in & SLING!" initiative, a regime that delivers cost-free accessibility to news and entertainment, as the nation confronts the COVID-19 crisis. SLING TV"s cost-free experience gives Americans with news, plus hundreds of shows and also movies because that the totality family, through no payment SLING TV account required.

""Stay in & SLING!" has actually been live for much less than 24 hours, and we"ve currently received a tremendous an answer as we put our communication to work giving American family members with much needed cost-free access to break news and also entertainment," claimed Warren Schlichting, team president, SLING TV.

The SLING TV totally free experience at this time includes news from alphabet News Live, FOX News and also local FOX affiliates in 18 sectors including: new York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Houston, Phoenix, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco. To watch the complete list of neighborhood markets, visit

FOX News and certain FOX transfer stations will stay on the SLING TV complimentary experience temporarily, together the country continues to monitor the rapidly evolving nationwide emergency.

For customers who want our finest news service, SLING Blue, SLING TV is offering brand-new customers their very first month for $20 ($10 turn off for the an initial month). In addition to that available complimentary content, SLING TV offers a range of today"s most popular channels, consisting of CNN, FOX News and also MSNBC, with its basic services, SLING Orange and SLING Blue, starting at $30 per month.

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How to accessibility the SLING TV complimentary Experience

The SLING TV totally free experience is available through a an easy app download on a Roku, Amazon or Android device. Once downloaded, click "Browse as Guest" or "Try SLING Free" to begin watching. The SLING TV totally free experience is at this time not available on iOS devices.

The SLING TV totally free experience is also available online by visiting on a Chrome, Safari or sheet browser and following the accuse on the welcome screen.

Current SLING TV subscribers deserve to access free content indigenous SLING TV within the user user interface on any type of SLING TV-supported device, without transforming their subscription. Former SLING TV subscribers may need to click on "Rent Movies" and navigate to mine TV to access the SLING TV cost-free experience.