Actor Shia LaBeouf has dated a slew the A-list stars throughout his time in the spotlight. His relationship timeline contains former costars, models, musicians and also even one fellow Disney star. The Honey Boy actor often tends to be pretty aloof about his an individual life, so few of the names on this list may come as a vast surprise, consisting of Rihanna. He’s been married, divorce (and maybe married again), but one point is for sure — his love life constantly keeps fans guessing.

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Most recently, the Peanut Butter Falcon actor seemingly rekindled his connection with ex-wife Mia Goth. Their background runs deep, and also they an initial met ~ above the collection of Lars von Trier’s NC-17 drama Nymphomaniac: Vol. II in 2013. The model later appeared in Future Unlimited’s “Haunted Love,” which was written and directed by Shia. The longtime lovers had actually a lot of ups and also downs in their relationship, including a public hit in Germany in 2015, however they quiet made it down the aisle.


However, the actor’s romantic life keeps civilization guessing. Save scrolling to check out Shia’s full romantic history.


Mia Goth

The English model and Shia very first got together ago in 2012 after conference on the collection of Nymphomaniac: Volume I. They got married in ras Vegas, v an Elvis impersonator and also all, in October 2016. The couple divorced 2 years later on in September 2018.

While that seemed like the two were excellent for good following your divorce, they to be photographed acquiring cozy in in march 2020. Even more surprising, the pair seemed to be wearing wedding bands.

Then, in November 2021, Shia to be spotted in ~ a chuck E. Cheese restaurant Mia — who appeared to it is in pregnant. No star has talked out about their connection status, and also their reps did not automatically respond come Life & Style‘s requests because that comment.


Margaret Qualley

Shia and Margaret to be photographed making out at LAX airplane in December 2020. Their PDA-packed outing came months after the pair showed up nude together while certification in Love Me like You dislike Me, a short film made by Margaret’s sister, Rainey.

FKA Twigs

The artsy musician has released lot of hits choose “Cellophane,” yet you may additionally recognize her as Robert Pattinson‘s ex. Shia and also the artist an initial sparked romance rumors in June 2018 after filming Honey Boy together. She to be the very first woman he was connected to after his divorce (see below), but the 2 later broke things off. In December 2020, the singer filed a lawsuit against her ex because that abuse during their time together, according to documents derived by Life & Style.

“I’m not in any type of position to tell anyone how my behavior made them feel,” Shia said in a statement to The new York Times. “I have actually no excuses for my alcoholism or aggression, just rationalizations. I have actually been abusive come myself and everyone about me because that years. I have a history of hurting the human being closest to me. I’m ashamed the that history and am sorry to those i hurt. There is nothing rather I have the right to really say.”

Kate Mara

The Man Down costars increased a couple of eyebrows once they to be spotted looking cozy at Disneyland in 2014.

Karolyn Pho

Shia and also the stylist date for 2 years before splitting in 2012. “<Karolyn‘s> having actually me try different things,” the Fury actor told the Los Angeles Times in 2011 about his lady love.

Carey Mulligan

Before conference Karolyn, the Hollywood actor and also his costar native Wall Street: Money never ever Sleeps supposedly dated for about a year yet ended things roughly October 2010.

Megan Fox

In 2011, Shia evidenced that that hooked up through Megan for a few months if filming the Transformers movies. “I never interpreted the separation the work and life in that situation. However the time I invested with Megan to be our very own thing, and I think you have the right to see the chemistry onscreen,” the admitted throughout an interview v Details magazine.

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Isabel Lucas

Megan wasn’t the just woman from Michael Bay‘s franchise that Shia sparked romance rumors with. In the exact same interview, he confessed come “philandering around” through the blonde Transformers: Revenge that the Fallen costar. That added, “It was type of destructive … Neither one of us, i think, to be in love. Simply sort of experimenting or whatever.”

Amber Tamblyn

There have actually been rumors floating about that the Sisterhood that the traveling Pants star and also Shia briefly dated in 2005.


Shia divulged come Playboy in 2009 that he and also Rihanna went out together once upon a time. “It never got past one date,” that explained. “The spark wasn’t there. Us weren’t passionate about each other in the way, for this reason we stay friends.”

Hilary Duff

These two Disney kids also crossed romantic paths very briefly. Unfortunately, Shia told Details the it to be “probably the worst date either of us have ever before had.”