Considering she"s one of country music"s biggest stars, that comes together no surprised that superstar Shania twain still continues to be a relevant, renowned name all these decades later. The "Man! ns Feel favor A Woman" chart-topper right now has her very own radio show, house Now Radio, on to apologize Music Hits and revealed a entirety lot throughout the latest episode, according to Music News.

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Despite gift a country singer, Twain informed listeners she to be a fan of absent music farming up. "When i was a teenager, i was going to largely rock shows," she said, adding, "Van Halen was one of my favorites. David Lee Roth, the kicks, his athleticism. Ns was jealous. I"m like, "What? This guy, he"s such an athlete, yet he"s an ext than that. He"s therefore agile and he deserve to do the splits.""

"And anyway, i love the showmanship and also I loved all that hair. And also the males in rock bands have better hair than many of united state girls. Constantly the case. What"s up with that anyway?" the Grammy compensation winner continued. While sharing she appreciation for Van Halen and the hair bands of she youth, Twain additionally discussed her upcoming studio album. Keep analysis to discover out more.

With a job spanning nearly three decades, Shania Twain has only released 5 studio albums. With that gift said, the "When" singer appears to be an ext about high quality rather 보다 quantity. Follow to Billboard, her hugely well-known 1997 "Come on Over" album invested a lining 151 mainly on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart.

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Twain"s many recent album, "Now," to reduce in 2017. When she had fans wait 15 years because that a follow-up to 2002"s "Up!," it was plainly worth the wait, as she score herself another chart-topper. During the most recent episode for her home Now Radio show, twain expressed that she has an additional studio album top top the way, however admits she walk not recognize when fans can expect it, explaining, "I"m not procrastinating, yet I execute admit that COVID has created some time issues due to the fact that it"s been very challenging to get in addition to producers and also musicians in the very same room" (per Music News).

"I want to offer you men something the you have the right to really it is in proud of together a Shania fan. I want you to celebrate through me and I"m certainly on a mission to make the ideal album I"ve ever made. So you re welcome be patient. I desire it to it is in worth waiting for," two continued, adding, "I do setup on release this album before Christmas. Wouldn"t it be super to have actually this out for Christmas? I would certainly love the so much. So that is my goal." us can"t wait for much more Shania!