Actress and singer Selena Gomez is terrific role version — yet does she have any type of siblings looking as much as her? turns out, she does. The Texas native is a huge sister come younger sister Gracie Elliot Teefey and Victoria Gomez.

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The previous Disney star’s parents, dad Ricardo Gomez and mom Mandy Teefey, divorced once she was 5 years old. Her mother went on come remarry a guy named Brian Teefey and they welcomed Gracie in June 2013. As for Selena’s dad, he got remarried to his brand-new wife, Sara, and they invited Victoria In June 2014, one year ~ Gracie was born.


The “Lose You come Love Me” singer has actually a an especially strong connection with Gracie since when her parents divorced, Selena ongoing to live through her mother. “ adorable,” she gushed to E! News quickly after Gracie’s birth. “I’m obsessed through her and also becoming a huge sister. I understand I’ve had actually the duty to it is in a role model for girls but when you have actually a tiny sister of her own, you kinda think, ‘OK, this is legit.’”

In 2017, Selena shared a sweet video of her sister via Instagram and also wrote an motivating tribute. “I will certainly forever let mine sister know she is strong, bold, and beautiful,” she captioned the video. “She will be raised to understand her voice matters. She is walk to know the importance behind gift a leader and also inspire rather by she truth.”

The A-lister revealed in 2019 the she has actually a maternal side as soon as it concerns her younger sibling. “I store her really very protected,” she called E! News at the time. “I mean, it’s instinctual.”

In November 2019, Selena lugged Gracie through her to to visit the Frozen 2 premiere and walk the red carpet, which was a really sweet bonding experience. “If you acquire nervous, if you gain overwhelmed, simply pull mine hand and also I’ll take you turn off immediately,” she told BBC One about the event in December 2019 before noting, “I said to her, ‘This is my favourite red carpet ns have ever before done.’ since she’s never ever done any of that and also we didn’t force her to do that. Everything we carry out … to save her safe, however my sister’s become very dramatic now. She’s all about the dresses and also the glitter.”

As for Victoria, she and Selena it seems ~ to have actually a beautiful link — but her sibling often tends to remain off the red carpets and also social media for the many part.

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