League chatter continues to mount about the opportunity of the NBA broadening to 32 teams in the comes years.

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On Tuesday, in a report from Michael Grange the Sportsnet Central on the Toronto Raptors retaining chairman Masai Ujiri, he shared this nugget around the opportunity of Ujiri becoming component of an ownership team for a feasible NBA development franchise.

Grange mentions Uriji’s connection to Oakview group co-owner Tim Leiweke, that recruited Uriji come the Raptors ago in 2013. Tim’s brother, Tod, is -- friend guessed the -- one the the owner of the NHL’s 32nd team, the Seattle Kraken, that are set to take it the ice this fall at the renovated key Arena in Seattle.

Seattle seems like a certain bet for an growth team have to the organization expand, and also according to Grange, it"s looking more and an ext like a challenger as speak continue.

“It’s widely thought the NBA will increase for the very first time due to the fact that rounding out to 30 groups in 2004 partially to recoup because that losses from the pandemic,” Grange wrote.

Returning come Seattle as part of the procedure is nearly a given (with ras Vegas together the other likely city) currently that the arena concerns that brought about the SuperSonics leaving for Oklahoma City in 2008 have been resolved.

- Michael Grange

Seattle lost its lover SuperSonics in 2008 when previous Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz sold the team away to Oklahoma businessman Clay Bennett. Bennett restated his intent to save the team in the Emerald City, but ultimately the 41-year franchise was relocated to Oklahoma City and also took on a new identity as the Oklahoma City Thunder,

One of the biggest issues was Schultz’s failed attempts in acquiring the city to pay because that a brand-new arena. Yet with the Amazon-named Climate Pledge Arena currently in location for the Kraken to make its debut for the 2021-22 season, Seattle can once again end up being a vibrant basketball market and a six-sports-team town.

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While Ujiri could be lured to join a potential ownership group in Seattle, there room several other candidates who have expressed interest. Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and also his wife, Ciara, are currently part-owners of the Seattle Sounders and also charter investors in the Portland Diamond Project, a team positioned to assist Portland gain a major League Baseball Team.

NBA superstar and also Naismith Basketball room of Famer Kevin Garnett has said he would bring ago the team to Seattle if he could. 

While a league expansion is inevitable, yes no timetable for it right now and also it’s most likely to not occur for years down the road. Nonetheless, the idea is intriguing sufficient to save galvanizing Sonics fans on your toes. Plus, renewing that I-5 rivalry through the Portland follow Blazers. We have the right to hardly wait.