Sandra Lee has actually moved on to a brand-new relationship after breaking up v Gov. Andrew

Sandra Lee has actually a brand-new hunky man, but she’s still emotion the scars that her split from new York governor Andrew Cuomo, according to resources who recognize her well.

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As page Six revealed yesterday, the 55-year-old way of life guru is now dating Ben Youcef, one Algerian interfaith leader, actor, writer and producer that is 46.

And she to be wearing what showed up to it is in an engagement ring as the two peaceful together in St. Tropez in the south of France.

But human being close to Lee said she’s struggled to acquire her life ago over the previous two years in the wake of her break-up with Cuomo and also her publicized fight with chest cancer.

“It’s really hard because that Sandra to relocate on — she’s not done licking she wounds,” a friend said. “She’s just trying to perform the best she can to keep her head above water ideal now.”

Sandra Lee v her brand-new boyfriend Ben Youcef in St. Tropez, France.BACKGRID

And the bombshell report this week by Attorney general Letitia James the Cuomo accused sexually harassed 11 ladies is a fresh source of torment, claimed the source.

“This has actually all been exponentially horrible and also painful for her to check out about,” said the friend, noting the Cuomo’s alleged cheating ~ above Lee during their time with each other was one “open secret,” together The post reported in April.

“Her heart was absolutely shattered as soon as she break-up with Andrew, she has never even talked out around her time through him, she’s constantly kept her mouth shut. She’s simply trying to discover some kind of solace and also happiness.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Sandra Lee ended their relationship in September 2009.AP Photo/Mike Groll

Lee and Cuomo announced the end of your 14-year connection in September 2019, prompting Lee’s cross-country move to Malibu, Calif. Wherein she bought a $3.4 million coast house.

“This is the first joy Sandra has had in years, however it’s really not exact to say she’s relocated on,” said one more source.

“She’s invested the previous two year in anguish since her separation from Andrew. She had to move across the country to obtain her life ago together again.”

Lee and also Cuomo were in a connection for 14 years.REUTERS/Mike Segar

The one thing that Lee has always been certain on is her love for Cuomo’s daughters through his ex-wife Kerry Kennedy, whom she loves as if castle were her own, resources said.

All 3 — pair Mariah and also Cara, 26, and Michaela, 23 — are Ivy League-educated, and Lee made Cara an executive producer ~ above her current Starz documentary around Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“The girls room front and foremost what she cares most about,” said one source.

Lee and Youcef strolling in St. Tropez.BACKGRID

Lee and also Youcef are thought to have actually met at a charity event in Santa Monica back in March, v Youcef having actually made the first move.

A friend claimed the couple were attracted together as they are both “grounded in spirituality.”

Said an additional close source: “We’re simply happy for her. We want Sandra to be happy, she deserves it.”

Youcef is a specialized father the five-year-old twins. That separated native his wife, California-based realtor Apryl Stephenson in 2019, and also they filed because that divorce in January 2020.

Director Steven Spielberg uncovered Youcef and gave the his acting breaking together a Palestinian member of black September in his 2005 movie, “Munich.”

Spielberg is said to have actually mentored Youcef — that trained in theatre in London — and also persuaded him to take on the acting role.

But Youcef has also turned down roles that he claims demean his community. He claims he keeps his life in balance through reciting calls to prayer all around the world, as he’s done due to the fact that he was eight year old.

Ben Youcef appearing in an illustration of “Chicago P.D.”Matt Dinerstein/NBCU photograph Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

He has showed up in illustration of “Law & Order,” “CSI brand-new York,” and most newly on “SEAL Team” top top CBS.

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On his website, the former model wrote: “I was born in Algiers ~ above The Mediterranean coastline into a household of 7 children. Fighting for attention amongst my brothers and also sisters was most likely where my acting career yes, really began.

“My objective together an gibbs is to lug a brand-new understanding of the center Eastern society to the remainder of the world. Mine life integrates the Islamic heart with modern-day energy. Ns still maintain an almost naive way of seeing the civilization that originates from a truthful location of a son that to be me.”