Folks, let"s challenge it -- Jersey Shore household Vacation has been a little dull these previous two seasons.

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In fact, part fans have actually gone therefore far as to dub the present Jersey Bore.

Now, the cast and producers aren"t entirely to blame for this -- ~ all, it"s amazing they"ve to be able to shoot anything, what through the pandemic severely limiting your options.

And it"s tough for any kind of reality display -- particularly one who core cast members have actually been there from the begin -- to store things new after 12 years.


But the truth remains the without a heated problem like the feud between JWoww and Angelina to save things interesting, the present is in hazard of becoming irreparably stale.

At this point, the best means to producer to liven things up would certainly be to bring in some brand-new blood -- and no, 24 and also the Chrises don"t cut it.

This show needs someone fresh yet familiar, someone that comes through their own integrated storyline ...


... Someone favor Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola.

Yes, fans were understandably upset as soon as Giancola announced that she would not be returning to the Shore.

But things have changed, and there"s reason to think that Ronnie"s ex can be on the verge of a readjust of heart.


For starters, Sammi damaged up through her fiance, Christian Biscardi.

Sammi and Christian to be planning to obtain married in 2020, however they were required to press their wedding back due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

So in a way, us guess lock dodged a bullet.


Here"s hoping some of their deposits to be refundable!

Anyway, it"s been extensively rumored that Biscardi to be Sam"s main reason because that opting the end of JSFV and also being replaced by a sex doll.

(To be fair, she had actually no prior expertise of the sex doll part, however knowing her roommates, she more than likely should have actually expected it.)


Fans commiserated with Sammi once her engagement ended, however now, they"re anticipating a silver lining.

“Please make a surprised on Jersey Shore. Come back, we miss you, Sam,” one follower newly commented on Sammi"s Instagram page, according to In Touch.

There"s nothing unusual around that top top its own -- yet here"s the kicker:

Sammi in reality "liked" the comment!

Okay, for this reason it"s not like she responded with a groundbreaking announcement, but usually, Sammi simply ignores those comment completely.

So the fact that she identified this one at all is enough to gain the rumor mill churning.

Of course, it"s possible that Sammi was simply being nice and also responding to a little fan flattery.

And it"s also feasible that Christian wasn"t the only element in her decision to continue to be away native the Shore.

These days, Sammi"s ex, Ronnie Magro, is engaged to Saffire Matos.

But as he"s demonstrated so plenty of times in recent years, that still has actually that explosive temper that produced so plenty of problems as soon as he was date Sam.

As you may recall, Ronnie was arrested on residential violence charges ago in April, and also though the dues were ultimately dropped, the headlines most likely dredged up some unpleasant memories for Giancola.

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And the ongoing presence that Ron might be enough to save Sam away from the show that made she famous.

Sammi Giancola stars ~ above Jersey Shore. She"s type of a ... Well ... No one likes her. Not even Ronnie Magro, she boyfriend. She"s just...More »BirthplaceHazlet, new JerseyFull NameSammi Giancola
Sammi Giancola: Is She ultimately Returning come Jersey Shore?

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