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In addition to enhancing the smell of her favorite meal, salt is a powerful and affordable way to kill those horrible, tiny, blood-sucking fleas in your home. It’s also widely obtainable and totally safe. For these reasons, ns personally introduce it for flea control. In this guide, I will certainly teach you how to use it successfully (step through step) to get quick results.

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Does salt kill fleas and also how go it perform it?

Salt has been offered for plenty of centuries and in so many ways. It to be such a an important commodity in the previous that that was even used together a currency and interestingly; words salary comes from the native “salt”. As well as its use in cleaning products, deodorizers, toothpaste, exfoliators, etc, the is the dehydrating role of salt the is of an excellent interest come us. Why?

Because among the means that salt is may be to kill fleas – yes, salt does death them – is to dehydrate their bodies. Sounds gross, i know, however think about how those fleas torment her pets! So, just how does it work? Salt draws water the end of the cells of an biology via the process of osmosis. Salt works by pulling the water indigenous the organic layer, and if you include enough salt, too much water will certainly be removed from the flea for it to remain alive.

The 2nd reason why salt is so reliable for flea manage is the fact that the is has a crystalline structure, and this renders it really abrasive. This means that salt deserve to penetrate through the hard exoskeleton the the resilient flea so that it have the right to perform the dehydrating process.

How long does it require to actually work?

Bearing in mind the those devastating fleas room going to fulfill their sticky – or must I to speak – your dry finish – by gift dehydrated, this will not take place instantaneously. It will take part time for this process to occur, and also some determinants will identify how conveniently it works.

If the salt completely covers the flea, the can accomplish its death within one hour, whereas it deserve to take several hours if the is simply in contact with the seed (e.g. If you rubbed it into the carpet).

With this in mind, as soon as we are using salt because that fleas, our goal is to always leave a residue the salt behind therefore that sufficient time passes for fleas to come into contact with it. I will certainly cover this in an ext detail for particular pets and also areas in your residence later in this article.

How to usage salt on her dog or cat to manage fleas:

Salt is a safe, herbal product that have the right to be used on both cats and dogs, but too lot of a good thing deserve to be just that! If your dog or cat ingests huge amounts of salt, it would be detrimental come his health. It can an outcome in enhanced thirst and also urination, and also extreme instances can even an outcome in salt ion poisoning. Constantly be conscious of any dangers that are existing (even for natural products), so exactly how do we usage it safely?

action 1: The very first step is to prepare one area or container to dip your dog or cat. Rather of repeating the same details here, you re welcome take a minute to read my flea dips article on exactly how to do it.

Step 2: as soon as that’s sorted, prepare a systems of one cup that salt to 33oz (1L) that lukewarm water. Uneven you have actually a very small pet, it is most likely that girlfriend will have to repeat this a couple times together the goal is come soak the hair completely).

Step 3: before pouring that on your pet, please inspect your doggie or kitty for any kind of scratches or life patches ~ above his skin, together you don’t desire to reason your pet any discomfort. Once this is done, start putting from his neck down to his tail, making sure that his cloak is saturated to the skin.

Step 4: Wrap your pet up in a towel (if it’s small enough) or simply use the to dry up many of the overfill water and then permit his coat waiting dry. The salt requirements to dry prior to it starts to work, so leave it on for a pair hours.

Step 5: i recommend giving your pet a level water rinse after leaving the dried salt residue ~ above him because that a pair hours. The salt will certainly be an extremely drying also for her pet’s skin, so you don’t want to leave it ~ above for too long.

PRO TIP: If you want to make sure that your pet’s skin continues to be moisturized and you desire to obtain some extra flea-zapping action, alternate your salt water dip with a coconut oil massage. Fleas are smothered through the oil, therefore if there are any kind of pests left hanging roughly they will be obliterated, and your pet will certainly be left with beautiful, moisturized skin.

PRO TIP: If you space thinking around applying the salt directly without water, ns advise against it together the salt normally just drops off your coat (therefore calculation it useless for her pet). If girlfriend are figured out to shot it, please usage a food processor to rotate the salt right into a fine powder before apply it. After about 2-3 hours, i recommend the you apply a bit of coconut oil to keep your pet’s skin moisturized.

PRO TIP: if salt is an excellent for killing this pests, that won’t proactively store them far in many cases. If you desire to loss them and also you have actually a dog, please consider using peppermint oil as they absolutely dislike it. If you have a cat, there is an extensive list of choices in my vital oils for fleas article. Together usual, i am always here to aid if you gain stuck, therefore let me recognize in the comment section.

Using salt to eliminate these pests from her home:

We aren’t the just ones who choose the feel of a warm, plush carpet under our feet or come sit on part comfy furniture. Those minute, ugly pests simply adore them. What better place for them, their eggs and their larvae to lie undisturbed and also undetected – waiting to hatch the end to infest your home.

Treating her carpets: As mentioned above, that is crucial that friend treat your carpets if friend have any hope of breaking the life cycle of fleas that room infesting her home.

The very first step is to do a considerable homemade shaker out of a plastic container with a lid. Punch holes right into the top, big enough come sprinkle the salt over your carpet. Fill up with salt and start shaking, making sure that the entire carpet is covered with a well layer.

Now comes a small elbow grease. The second step is come brush the salt down into the carpet utilizing a broom, making certain that the salt gets appropriate down in between the fibers. You will certainly be leaving the salt in the carpet because that at the very least twelve hrs (preferably 24 hours).

Lastly, once this time has passed, vacuum increase the salt and repeat these measures two an ext times with a two-week interval between each treatment. This will certainly ensure the you record any new fleas that might have otherwise continued the infestation. If the room isn’t used really often, you deserve to leave the salt under for roughly 3-4 weeks prior to vacuuming that up, which means that friend won’t need to repeat the entire process.

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Treating her couches: These actions are pretty lot the same as her carpets. Just make sure that friend think about how you will suck up all the salt (before girlfriend start pouring it everywhere), otherwise it have the right to be a bit of a nightmare come clean increase afterward.

Speaking from an individual experience, you might even acquire away through not dealing with them, simply take 20 minutes or for this reason to inspect if there are fleas on them. In the current past, I had to resolve a fairly bad infestation and despite having actually to treat my pets and home, ns didn’t worry around the couches and it didn’t result in the flea trouble coming back. Simply my 2 cents!