If you"re someone whose diet is composed of frozen dinners and also takeout, we gain it—learning to cook can be a complicated experience. It doesn"t assist that specific foods have a way of traumatizing united state the first time us decide come skip Seamless and also bust out the pots and pans. Take it salmon, for example. No matter how hard you try, it"s almost impossible to chef this pricey entrée there is no encountering the nasty white gunk the seeps the end the sides. For this reason what gives?

That white stuff oozing the end of her salmon as it cooks is simply coagulated protein, and also it"s perfectly for sure to eat.

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According to America"s check Kitchen, as salmon cooks, that is muscle yarn contract, leading to it come wring the end the fish"s interior protein, or albumin. It at some point curdles ~ above the surface at a particular temperature, solidifying right into the opaque, white goo responsible for lot of the self-doubt uncovered in cooks the world over. Friend don"t should be alarm though—this stuff is perfect edible. But if girlfriend do uncover it unsightly, there space a couple of hacks you can use to minimization the amount that makes it ~ above the plate.

Both transforming down the heat and cooking your salmon on its skin next (which acts as a organic barrier) permits the fish come cook an ext gently, minimizing exactly how much albumin gets squeezed out. America"s test Kitchen additionally suggests brining your salmon summary (their go-to systems is one tablespoon the salt because that every cup that water) for about 10 minutes, which softens the flesh to the point that that won"t clench and shrink as it cooks. (As a bonus, this step preseasons the fish because that you.)

Now, go display that piece of fish who"s boss.

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