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Russell Rhodes is an American Award-winning Journalist currently in Tampa bay Area functioning as one anchor at Fox 13 News because joining in September 1994. Together of now, weekday morning anchor the the great Day Tampa Bay.

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Russell Rhodes age | Birthday

He was born on January 6, 1931, in Paris, Texas, unified States. Russell is 90 years old. Besides, he celebrates his date of birth on the sixth of January every year.

Russell Rhodes Height

He is a male of above-average stature. Russell stands in ~ a height of 6 ft 0 in ( Approx 1.83m).

Russell’s Photo

Russell Rhodes Family

He to be born come his father and also mother in Paris, Texas, in the joined States. However, Russell has not mutual with the public any type of intelligence concerning his family. We, therefore, perform not have any data leading to their names, ages, occupation, or whether he has any siblings. Nonetheless, ours well-equipped team is still looking right into this section and also shall keep you post as shortly as we obtain the results.

Russell Rhodes wife | Enrique Crispo

He is gay in nature. Russell is currently living in a healthy and happy connection with his beloved partner, Enrique Crespo. More details with respect to him will be updated as quickly as we acquire all the intelligence necessary.

Russell Rhodes Children

Apparently, there is no visible evidence to state the he has any kind of children. Regardless, our abled team is still check on this matter and also shall store you informed as shortly as feasible once the data is ready. Nonetheless, the couple shares 2 French bulldogs, Josephine and also Coco.

Russell Rhodes Education

He attend a local high school. Later, Russell enrolled at the college of Oklahoma and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcast Journalism.

Russell Rhodes Fox | Tampa Fl | Blog

He join the station’s news team back in September 1994. Russell has work experience of much more than 3 decades and also has invested two years in his existing place that work, Fox 13 News. Cultivation up, he was the weird boy who constantly enjoyed gift at residence at night city hall Walter Cronkite that instilled his enthusiasm for being in the news industry.

As the now, Russell anchors every weekday morning an excellent Day Tampa Bay before being a attribute reporter because that the program. Additionally, the is affiliated through WTVT.

Russell released his own personal blog mainly since he felt he had adequate things come say as well as the television. In his blog website, Russell declared that he desires to make it many information but much more fun over all.

Russell Rhodes Salary

He generates his monthly revenue as a weekend morning anchor in ~ Fox 13 News. Russell pockets an estimated salary the $88,154 annually.

Russell’s net Worth

He has been working in the journalism field with endure of much more than three decades in service. Thus, Russell has managed to accumulate a an excellent fortune in his career. Online sources estimate his network worth to it is in $870,368.

Who Is Russell Rhodes

He is a 90-year-old American Award-winning journalist at this time situated in Tampa just Area functioning as an anchor at Fox 13 News.

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Is Russell Rhodes the Fox 13 News Married

He is at this time married come his good-looking partner, Enrique Crispo. As a couple, lock share 2 French bulldogs, Josephine and also Coco.