For anyone who wants to transform your skin, rosehip oil and vitamin C serum room the 2 most well-known options. Also though both assets offer many similar benefits, there are additionally some necessary differences in between them. So, in this post we’re going come look in ~ vitamin c serum vs rosehip oil and dive right into their benefits, i m sorry skin types they are suitable for and also how to encompass them in her skin treatment routine.

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Vitamin C serum is a much better option as soon as you require a extremely concentrated resource of vitamin C that targets things like hyperpigmentation and totally free radical damage. On the other hand, rosehip oil is a great option as soon as you want to lock in moisture, while nourishing the skin v vitamin A and also essential fatty acids.

Some skin species respond far better to one product matches the other. To aid you determine which is ideal for you, here’s an introduction of what they each need to offer.


The main advantage of a vitamin C serum is that it is quite concentrated and also therefore, that produces results quicker than many other skin care products. Simply keep in mind that as result of its potency, vitamin C serums deserve to be too strong for perceptible skin types.

Here are some general benefits of utilizing vitamin C on her face:

Supports collagen production.Clears dark spots and also hyperpigmentation.Reduces the appearance of scars.Improves acne.Hydrates the skin (if the serum happens to contain hydrating ingredients prefer hyaluronic acid, aloe vera or B-vitamins, because that example).Protects the skin native inflammation and oxidative damage.Reduces good lines and wrinkles.

Now stop talk around rosehip oil. Contrasted to vitamin C serum, rosehip oil is a slower-acting product. This is since it’s not as focused as a serum. It’s simply a cold-pressed oil that contains all the various nutrients that naturally happen in the rosehip seed.

Because rosehip oil no as focused as a serums often tend to be, it’s really gentle ~ above the skin and is fine tolerated by an extremely delicate, perceptible or problem skin. 

Some that the key benefits of rosehip oil are:

Contains vitamin E (which is an antioxidant) and vitamin A which plays a crucial role in all at once skin health.Naturally wealthy in necessary fatty acids that mitigate inflammation.Supports collagen production.Seals in humidity to save skin hydrated.Improves hyperpigmentation.Clears acne.Reduces scarring.Combats skin native inflammation and totally free radical damage.Prevents and minimize large marks.Enhances absorption of other ingredients (such as necessary oils or other carrier oils).Reduces good lines and also wrinkles.

One point to note around rosehip oil is that there’s a lot of confusion around its vitamin C content. Some websites say it’s rich in vitamin C, while rather say the lot is unknown or unclear.

To help solve this secret I got to out come two various companies – Pai and Kosmea – both that whom make CO2 extracted rosehip oil (pressed native the skin that the fruit and also the seed). Listed below are their responses:

From the Pai assistance team:

Rosehip, as soon as it is quiet in the fruit form, does contain Vitamin C. However, Vitamin C is water-soluble and also as our Rosehip is an oil, the Vitamin C is no longer present. Additionally, the is as well polar come be extract by ours supercritical CO2 extraction method.

From the Kosmea support team:

The Kosmea increased Hip Oil includes a an extremely negligible lot of vitamin C. The very negligible quantity in our increased Hip Oil originates from the skin the the climbed hip. Climbed Hip Oil is best known for its crucial fatty acid content – gift EFA 3, 6 and 9.

So, based upon the info from these two companies, this is the takeaway:

While the rosehip fruit does contain vitamin C, there’s little to no vitamin C in rosehip oil itself. This is due to the fact that vitamin C is water-soluble and also therefore, can not be retained in one oil, also when making use of a tenderness extraction an approach like CO2 extraction.

Vitamin C SerumRosehip Oil
contains vitamin Cxlittle to none
contains vitamins A, E and fatty acidsx
supports collagen productionxx
clears dark spots and also hyperpigmentationxx
Improves acnexx
clears acnexx
hydrates skinx
moisturizes skinx
reduces wrinklesxx
reduces scarringxx
prevents and minimize large marksx
enhances absorb of other ingredientsx
protects skin indigenous inflammation, oxidative damagexx



Combining vitamin C serum and rosehip oil is a fine art (and science) that starts with understanding your skin type. So, if girlfriend have:

Sensitive skin: prevent using vitamin C and also rosehip oil in ~ the very same time. This have the right to be a lot for vulnerable skin and also might cause irritation. Instead, use them at various times the day. For example, apply vitamin C serum in the morning and also rosehip seed oil in ~ night. Other skin types: friend might be able to use both assets at the very same time. In this case, apply rosehip oil after the vitamin C serum. The rosehip will act together a moisturizer to help counteract the drying impact that regularly occurs v vitamin C serums.

Having said all this, please keep in mind that the stamin of her vitamin C serum affects exactly how drying the is. In particular, you desire to be aware of:

Concentration: a 5% serum will be much less drying than say, a 20% serum.Type: L-ascorbic mountain is the most drying type of vitamin C. ~ above the various other hand, vitamin C derivatives – such together magnesium ascorbyl palmitate – then you will experience much less dryness.

So, if you’re utilizing a 20% L-ascorbic acid serum, you’re much better off not using rosehip oil on peak of it.

On the other hand, if you’re utilizing a 5% ascorbic serum or a serum make from a vitamin C derivative, climate you can shot applying rosehip oil on top.

Either way, constantly pay attention to any redness, burning or other irritation the occurs.


When should I use rosehip oil to mine routine?

If you’re making use of rosehip oil and a separate moisturizer, there space two methods to use them:

apply the rosehip before moisturizer if her moisturizer is really heavy and also contains occlusive ingredients that sit on top of the skin (such as beeswax or thick butters and also oils). Use rosehip oil after moisturizer if your moisturizer is very light, and contains greatly water or water-based ingredient (such together aloe vera gel, eco-friendly tea infusion).

If you’re making use of rosehip oil as your moisturizer, friend should use it together the final step in your regimen (don’t forget to incorporate sunscreen afterward if you usage it during the day).

How long does it take for rosehip oil come work?

In general, it can take approximately 8 weeks to see results from rosehip oil (source). Execute keep in mind the the commodities you usage in combination with rosehip oil have the right to also affect how easily you watch results.

For example, one Reddit user saw a remarkable improvement in her acne after just 3 weeks. Her daily regimen had rosehip oil along with a retinoid cream and also a medicated acne face wash (source).

Can you usage niacinamide and rosehip oil together?

Niacinamide and rosehip oil can be offered together, with niacinamide applied first, followed by the rosehip oil together a cooling moisturizer.

Does rosehip oil have retinol?

Rosehip oil does no contain retinol. Rather, it includes tiny quantities of retinoic acid, which is an active type of vitamin A the the body is able come use. Meanwhile retinol needs to be convert to retinoic acid through a two-step process in bespeak to suffer its skincare benefits.

Should you use vitamin C serum everyday?

Vitamin C serum can be provided daily and also if it no cause any kind of burning or tingling, you can also use it double a day. Just remember the vitamin C deserve to increase sensitivity to the sun. So, wear a sun protectant if you plan on stepping out after applying it.

Do I usage Vitamin C serum before or ~ moisturizer?

Vitamin C serum must be applied before moisturizer. Permit it come dry and then follow through a moisturizer.

What deserve to you no mix with vitamin C serum?

It’s best not to mix vitamin C with other potent active ingredients like:

Alpha hydroxy acidsBeta hydroxy acidsRetinolBenzoyl peroxideNiacinamide

What room the side results of vitamin C serum?

The main side impacts of vitamin C serum are:

DrynessRednessTingling and burning upon applications (this normally goes away together your skin it is adapted to it)BreakoutsDarkening of pores and also staining the the skin (if the serum has gone poor or is poorly formulated)

Can i mix vitamin C serum with moisturizer?

If girlfriend have breakable skin and want to alleviate some of the dryness or tingling that comes v vitamin C serum, climate mixing it with your favourite moisturizer can help. Just examine the moisturizer come make certain that it no contain any added vitamin C.


Active humidity Botanical C Serum from One Love Organics

This serum consists of ascorbyl palmitate, a vitamin C serum derivative the is gentler top top the skin and more steady than the L-ascorbic form of vitamin C.

In addition, the are other moisturizing and nourishing ingredients choose sea buckthorn oil, jojoba oil, meadowfoam oil and also yes, also some rosehip oil too! If you want a balanced vitamin C serum, this one is definitely worth check out.

Rosehip Oil from Kosmea

This rosehip oil stands the end for two main reasons:

it is CO2 (carbon dioxide) extracted: this extraction an approach is really gentle and as a result, produces the absolute best quality rosehip. What that way is the the nutrient in the rosehip are far better preserved as soon as CO2 extraction is used.the oil is pressed from the seed and the skin that the fruit: unlike many rosehip oil that space pressed just from the seed, this one is pressed from the seed and the skins. So you get all the quality of the rosehips.

You can gain this complete spectrum rosehip oil here. Plus, use my unique code BEAUTY10 to obtain a 10% discount.

The plain Rosehip Oil

If you’re in search of a budget-friendly and great quality rosehip oil, then this one’s for you. The Ordinary’s rosehip oil is 100% pure, cold-pressed and also unrefined, which method it retains most of the vital nutrients the are normally in the plant.

It also comes in a UV-protective packaging the helps to more preserve its herbal ingredients. Usually this oil gives just what friend need, without any kind of weird nasties added.

Do store in mind that because this oil is cold pressed, it’s thought about “less superior” to other extraction approaches (like CO2 extraction). This is not to say that cold pressed oils space bad. However if you’re a purist once it pertains to oil extraction, then store that in mind. And also if friend want an ext info around the different extraction methods for rosehip oil, ns cover the details in this post on how to select the ideal rosehip oil).

Want to shot the Ordinary’s rosehip oil? girlfriend can acquire it here on Amazon.


Rosehip oil and vitamin C serums room excellent alternatives when you looking come lighten dark spots, smooth out wrinkles, assistance collagen production and also protect the skin from oxidative damage.

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Just remember the they differ mainly in your potency, with vitamin C serum gift harsher on the skin 보다 rosehip oil. For this reason if your skin is much more on the sensitive side, rosehip is a far better option.