Todd was discovered dead top top his houseboat at 4 Corners Marina in Nashville through his child Saturday morning, the city Nashville Police Department claimed in a statement common on Twitter. He to be 49.

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At this time, Todd’s death “appears to be medically related,” follow to MNPD.

“He was found deceased this morning top top his houseboat at 4 Corners Marina by his son, who had not heard native his dad in the previous 2 days,” MNPD wrote.

In addition to his son, Todd is made it through by two various other children, their mothers and also his parents, the county singer and mom Joyce.

“Our son Todd was a pressure of joy, life, creativity and also giving indigenous the moment he to be born,” the six-time Grammy winner, 76, speak about his son.

“He made together a mark on our world in his years on this planet, everyone who met him to be richer for it. That is too shortly to even understand this loss, and also I expect it’s something nobody else needs to bear.”

“Please save his 3 children, their mothers and Joyce and also I in her prayers at such a fragile time,” Ronnie added.

Todd additionally worked behind the scenes on his father’s tours, and contributed to his music videos and a number of musical projects, The Tennessean reported.


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In 2014, Ronnie was inducted in the nation Music hall of Fame, along with Hank Cochran and also Mac Wiseman.

Ronnie – representing the contemporary Era Artist – an initial made his mark as a piano player (responsible for keyboards on Elvis Presley’s “Kentucky Rain”) and was urged by Charley pride to relocate to Nashville.

He was signed to RCA documents in 1973 and also had a string of country-pop hits that had “Pure Love,” “What a distinction You’ve made in mine Life,” “(There’s) No Getting’ end Me,” “Stranger in mine House” and “I Wouldn’t have actually Missed It for the World.” the was called CMA masculine Vocalist of the Year three times and Entertainer that the Year in 1977.

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Todd’s organization will be organized at the Woodlawn Funeral house on Thompson Lane, The Tennessean reported. There space no more details in ~ this time.

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